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Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Finally Engaged

Kanye West proposes to Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are engaged. Momager Kris Jenner is delighted with the news, which comes shortly after rumors sparked that Kim was shooting down Kanye’s marriage proposals because she wasn’t ready to get married again.

Just when you thought you had a chance of getting rid of the Kardashian craze, the most famous Kardashian of them all gets engaged to one of the biggest names right now in hip-hop.

According to E! News, Kanye was quite the gentleman about the proposal and asked Kris for her permission to propose to Kim.

Needless to say, Kris said yes when Kanye made the proposal of a lifetime on Monday night.

Kanye took his now-fiancee to San Francisco’s AT&T Park, which he rented out for the evening, and proposed to her on her 33rd birthday with a dazzling 15-carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond ring.

After the curvy reality star said yes, her closest friends and family came rushing out of their hiding spots in dugout huts to congratulate the couple. Kanye also arranged for a massive fireworks display just as Kim accepted the proposal, and a 50-piece-orchestra began to play.

In other words, Kanye took this proposal straight out of the romance novels and we’re sure Kim absolutely loved it.

“A match made in heaven,” Kris Jenner said. “I am so happy for both of my kids, Kim and Kanye.”

Despite rumors that she actually didn’t get along with her daughter’s new fiance, Kris had nothing but kind words to day about the “New Slaves” rapper.

“I love him so much, and he’s such an amazing boyfriend to Kim and a great dad and a wonderful person,” Kris said about Kanye on Hello Ross just a few weeks ago.

“He’s creative and he’s an amazing, amazing human being, he really is. And he doesn’t always do interviews and get the chance to really express himself like that, so I was really glad that I got a chance to sit down and talk with him,” Kris added as she made a reference to her failed talk show. “And it made me so happy that, you know, you guys got to see the Kanye that I know at home.”

Kanye West massive proposal to Kim Kardashian As for advice on the wedding, Kris recommends that Kim and Kanye get out of town and do so quickly because it’s only a matter of seconds before an army of paparazzi will be camping around their home watching their every move.

“My advice as a manager would be get out of town as fast as you can and go to a secret location,” she said.

Then it seemed as if someone reminded Kris just how much magazines would be willing to pay for exclusive wedding photos of Kim and Kanye.

“But you know, I might have a different opinion tomorrow,” she said. “You just never know.”

Meanwhile, Kim says she’s still trying to lose more post-pregnancy weight because she wants to look good for her man.

“I haven’t exercised a whole lot so far, just because I’ve been busy with the baby and I don’t want to leave her,” she said. “I still have some to go. Atkins worked for me and I don’t feel tempted to eat a bunch of junk food. It’s just about staying healthy – it will come off.”

She also said that when it comes to what she wears, her wardrobe is being largely influenced by Kanye and baby North.

“You want your guy to think you’re really hot,” she explained. “I’ll put something on and he’ll say, ‘No, that doesn’t look good’ and I’ll trust him.”

North influences her wardrobe because whatever her baby girl looks good in is exactly what Kim wants to wear from now on.

“I want to dress a little lighter colorwise,” Kim added. “I think North looks cute in light colors, and then I want to wear light colors.”

With that logic, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Kim turn out to be the kind of mom who buys matching couture outfits for herself and her daughter.

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