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Is Kim K Abandoning Her Request for Privacy to Save the Kardashian Empire?

Kim Kardashian shares revealing bikini pic after pregnancy When Kim Kardashian shared a revealing picture of her post-baby body in a white swimsuit on Instagram, the Web was set ablaze and fans were confused about what happened to Kim and Kanye’s claim that they wanted privacy.

Kim went into hiding for weeks after giving birth to baby North West and yet despite her cries for privacy she has posted a picture of herself to Instagram where her “Kimmy Cakes” are on full display.

In the midst of all the recent headlines regarding the Kardashian family and rumors that “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” might be on the brink of being  canceled, maybe Kim is trying to use her famous buns to save the show?

Before Kris and Bruce Jenner divorced, before that same divorce also meant that Kylie and Kendall are technically no longer a part of the Kardashian clan, before Khloe and Lamar Odom were on the brink of their own divorce because of Lamar’s drug abuse problem, and before Kourtney and Scott Disick slid into the shadows and began avoiding the spotlight, it would have been possible for the Kardashian clan’s reality series to thrive even if Kim decided not to be in the public eye as much.

Now that all that has changed, Kim’s buns need to be front and center – or at least she thinks so.

Kim Kardashian bikini body, post-pregnancy picturesWhat’s even more surprising is that Kanye West, her paparazzi-hating boyfriend, didn’t seem to have a problem with the not-so-private photo.

Instead West retweeted the photo and added the caption, “HEADING HOME NOW.”

This has just been the latest attention-craving stunt the couple has pulled only to beg for more privacy afterward.

After Kanye went on an angry rant and reminded the country that baby North “isn’t America’s baby,” he sat down with the head of the Kardashians, Kris Jenner, and revealed North’s photo live on her talk show.

The “New Slaves” rapper may hate cameramen, but they do help pay his bills and spread the word about his music.

Kim may be telling the world that Kanye has taught her a lot about remaining private, but she is well aware that her entire career is based on the premise that there isn’t a single aspect of her life that America would not pay to see.

At the end of the day, there are tons of celebrities with far more star power than “Kimmy Cakes” and they have no problem keeping their children and other private matters from constant media attention.

Regardless of whether Kim has decided to go back to her usual oversharing ways to get the media scrutiny required to keep the Kardashian clan relevant, or if she never had any real intention to step out of the limelight in the first place, it’s obvious that the reality star and her hip-hop boo can’t make up their minds about being private.

To be or not to be? That is the question.


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  1. Kim is one bad looking woman and looking worse all the time.

  2. Both Kim and Kanya are money hungry they will never be private.

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