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Rihanna’s Stalker Claims He’s Future Husband, RiRi Files Restraining Order

Rihanna stalker claims to be her future husband The man who broke into Rihanna’s home last month is more than just a burglar. According to him, he is the R&B star’s future husband and he’s ready to meet his future wife.

Jonathan Whooper made headlines after he threw a patio chair through the backdoor of Rihanna’a Pacific Palisades home on Sept. 29.

While many assumed he was just a burglar looking for some expensive goodies, it turns out he was looking for much more than TVs and jewelry – he’s looking for RiRi’s hand in marriage.

Whooper managed to escape the home without being caught the first time around, but when he returned to the lavish pad on Oct. 4, he was met by a security team that quickly captured the man and prevented him from causing any more trouble.

When he was asked what he was doing back at the home, he had a simple but bizarre answer.

He blatantly told the guards he was there to see Rihanna.

It wasn’t long before he revealed why exactly he wanted to see her so badly.

“Do you know who I am,” he asked the guards. “I am Rihanna’s future husband!”

Needless to say, Whooper was arrested and now faces charges of prowling, felony attempted burglary, vandalism and stalking.

While Nicki Minaj is perfectly okay with random proposals, RiRi isn’t feeling the surprise marriage arrangement.

The “Stay” singer is begging the courts for some serious protection against the crazed man and claims she’s dealing with “substantial emotional distress and concern for her personal safety.”

For now, the judge only issued RiRi a temporary restraining order which states that the wannabe fiancé has to stay at least 100 yards away from the Bajan beauty.

Later this month the case will be back in court where it’s likely Rihanna will have her legal team fighting to get her a more permanent restraining order against Whooper.


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