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15 Black Celebrities Who are Sold Out For Jesus

Celebrities who “sold out” for Jesus fully commit themselves to their Christian faith. After highlighting “8 Black Celebrities who Don’t Believe In Jesus” last week, here are 15 black celebrities who have sold out for Jesus.


Denzel WashingtonAlthough he may not be the most outspoken person about his faith, Denzel is a devout Christian and gives all the glory to God.

Washington has even considered becoming a preacher one day saying: “A part of me still says, ‘Maybe, Denzel, you’re supposed to preach. Maybe you’re still compromising.’ I’ve had an opportunity to play great men and, through their words, to preach. I take what talent I’ve been given seriously, and I want to use it for good.”

Denzel put his money where is mouth is when he donated $2.5 million to his church, The West Angeles Church of God in Christ. If that isn’t selling out for Jesus then what is?

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41 thoughts on “15 Black Celebrities Who are Sold Out For Jesus

  1. Kevin Sproul says:

    Interesting list. But they left out my favorites:
    [Big] George Foreman. Former Heavyweight Champion, Electric Grill Pitchman, Father of several children named "George", Possibly the wealthiest retired boxer and an Ordained Minister.
    Dr. Ben Carson. Recently retired head of The Pediatric Neurosurgery Center at Johns Hopkins.
    Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce. Currently the fastest woman. Takes time out to pray on the track, after every race.

  2. Yonah El says:

    I challenge each of these Jesus freaks to tell me why they value their money more than the poor? It was the messiah himself who made the comments about wealth and entering into the kingdom of heaven. I wonder how many of them actually are willing to get their hands dirty helping the people, or will they prefer to donate money at church for a big new brick building while the poor people languish in jail, or die on the street. When will these jesus freaks resist until the blood and speak out against the slaying of black youths by police on a daily basis…

    Just saying you are about something has nothing to do with the reality of being that thing.

  3. Pat Hart says:

    well said. and the prosperity gospel is an abomination

  4. Alfred Mimms says:

    I love to hear how they believe their talent came from a magical being in the sky. If they truly believed this then they would seldom practice said talent.

  5. Cynthia Carter-Lee says:

    Yonah, I didn't see any reference to where anybody interviewed said they valued their money any more than anyone else particularly the poor. In response to your comment about getting their hands dirty, I am confident that many of "them" participate in various ministries that are a) not noted b) not made a big deal of and 3) they're not doing it for accolades, they are labors of love. In terms of donating money to the church, while I admit that not all, but most churches serve the communities that they are in. They educate, support and edify their communities. I realize it's difficult to see if you're not one of those who support those activities from within the church nor are you a recipient of any of the services – but trust me they are there. I understand your frustration about the conditions and plight of some of our people, but that is not the fault of any one individual or group of people. It is something we must all work to eradicate. A start would be to be supportive of one another, stop putting each other down. You can acknowledge differences without disrespecting them. ~ Peace my brother

  6. God bless them all…. Our God is an awesome God and he loves all his children <3.

  7. You are sitting up there talking to a dude and he tells you he’s an atheist, you need to pack it up and go home. You talking to a person who don’t believe in God … what’s his moral barometer? Where’s it at? It’s nowhere.” I like this quote cause it's true.

  8. I like the fact we have the free will to believe what we want, no one is forcing us to conform to a belief. The world would be a boring place if everyone thought the same.

  9. That comment is hateful bullshit, which Steve Harvey is much full of.

  10. Jada Holmes says:

    Steve Harvey's comment is BULLSHIT! I am an atheist and I am very moral. Morals don't have SHIT to do with religion. I was just raised right, by two atheists!

  11. Jada Holmes says:

    Except the gays…right? Oh, and don't forget atheists, god hates them too. Christians make me want to violently retch the contents of my stomach!

  12. Just because someone does not share a belief the way the 15 celebrities documented well within this article consistently do, does not mean we are all a mass of crap. Such a thought as this is in of itself borne in such a way out of deluded thinking. So they may not necessarily agree with the multiple varying views of other faiths or dismiss the roles of those who are avowed atheists. I myself have long been a practitioner of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism of which Tina Turner is also a member, who herself was played in a film by Angela Bassett. Now and more than ever it is very important to focus upon and have a positive attitude about the future and take great considerable responsibility for the things we do as this world's citizens. There are plenty of ways to express and share morals that do not necessarily have to come from religion.

  13. Bunchy P Hampton says:

    The Ma$e photo is hilarious.

    Anyone notice the black celeb trend of focusing on church while this new emergence of black male homosexual church leaders gains acceptance? Whats it say when the role of spiritual leadership, the earthly head of the black christian household is held by effiminized black men? Rappers wearing skirts, boys with their butts hanging out…and Madea gives Miss TD Jakes a blessing. Coincidence? Doubtful. Dr. Frances Cress Welsing called it, didnt she?

  14. Frank Edwards says:

    Shouldn't the title say, "15 celebs who sold out for CHRISTIANITY.

    Where are the Muslims, Buddhists etc?

    F**k Steve Harvey.

  15. Gary Gray says:

    I would like to challenge all of these jesus freaks too. Our Ancestors are up in Heaven trying to figure out why a people who are so educated today, can continue to believe in this lie that the Europeans has put in place to control their minds. Our people are so weak in the mind, RA gave them the most powerful brain of all his creatures.

  16. I dont call that selling out….God has clearly bless him…so he is showing that he is thankfull…

  17. Lig Heelal says:

    Cynthia Carter-Lee, you really expect them to say they value their money more than people? Allow me to laugh.

  18. Lig Heelal says:

    Cynthia Carter-Lee, you really expect them to say they value their money more than people? Allow me to laugh.

  19. Flomo Livingstone says:

    I don't care what Steve Harvey say about my Atheist believe. he doesn't respect my believe I don't respect his believe.

  20. God is for anyone.I was 14and wasn't sure who was God.This preachersaid to me a bible verse,and i really cursed him out.Later that nite about to do a robbery, that bible verse came to me loud inside untili stop stoppe. People were saying Jesus was for whites, i heard God say ,they all(religions)trying to find me.two weeks later two different. People put guns to my head cocked them pull the trigger ,and i called on Jesus and they jammed.Then this girl moma pull agun on me i ran she started firing and none bullits hit me wow.I have a few cuts but Jesus saved me thank you Lord.

  21. This is as far as I got. Have to go through too much rigamarow to see the story. Clicking, clicking, clicking pop-ups, pop-ups, pop-ups. No story is worth it.

  22. How do you explain all the flaming homosexuals in the Black Nationalist movement? How do you explain all the mixed marraiges in the Black Nationalist Movement? By the way, you ought NOT to quote such an intelligent woman as Dr. Welsing. One more question, what are you doing to change these things you so elequently point out? I get so sick of NEGROES pontificating and posturing while at the same time doing absolutely JACK except talk. You ought not to bear the colors, you make them a joke.

  23. Nailah Oseye says:

    Interesting to me is Angela Bassett plays Marie Laveux ….would that not go against her beliefs???????

  24. Yvrose Jean says:

    And don't for Montell Jordan now the worship pastor and one of the leader of a major church in the Atlanta metro.

  25. Why are people blaming for been a Christians and because of their race. I do not know what race have to do with this. People tend to portray Jesus as a White thing and it's wrong. Christianity comes from Israel, not Europe or Nord of America.

  26. Maecola Crockett says:

    I pity an atheist fool, who says there is no God!….I know that God is alive and living in my spirit, I experience him everyday, through his Holy Spirit…I just feel so sorry for my brothers and sisters that say there is no God. All I can say is that I'd rather believe in and except God as my savior and there be no God than to not except him and die to find out there is a God and go to hell to burn for eternity, because whether you believe it or not do not make it any less true!….GOD have mercy on you!…I'll be praying for you.

  27. Leslie Meyer says:

    Good on you; to know people that will burn in hell forever. Do you hear voices or is it just that your mom will disapprove?

  28. Leslie Meyer says:


  29. Manny Smith says:


  30. Faith a concept based on no evidence1 Can I get a amen!

  31. Cnythia carter lee,you don't have to read it ,just look around you!

  32. stop worshipping ancestors. they have no power or rule where you will be when you die.PERIOD.

  33. stop worshipping ancestors. they have no power or rule where you will be when you die.PERIOD.

  34. Buddists and Muslims will go to to Hell. Even fake Christians.

  35. Buddists and Muslims will go to to Hell. Even fake Christians.

  36. Leslie Meyer Why so much hate? I have seen your every post and you speak such negativity.

  37. Leslie Meyer Why so much hate? I have seen your every post and you speak such negativity.

  38. Jada Holmes wow, if you only knew. God hates no one.He hates sin. Why is it that you are not blaming Satan?

  39. Jada Holmes wow, if you only knew. God hates no one.He hates sin. Why is it that you are not blaming Satan?

  40. lol…it baffles me that a black person can be an atheist. Surely, you are not aware of black history. I tell you, since we blacks have been integrated with whites, we have adapted so much of their livelihood.

  41. Jada Holmes there is no place for negativity here please take it some where else if you choose to be atheists that's your problem……..if you choose or refuse to except there is a God than that is your problem… Every tongue shall confess and every knee will bow…. No hate we will just pray for your soul 🙂 God bless.

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