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Rihanna Seeks Taxi-Cab Therapy After Her Return From Barbados

Rihanna has finally returned to the U.S after she partied it up in several itty-bitty bikinis in Barbados, and while the R&B star was covered up upon arrival she still made quite the controversial fashion statement. Meanwhile, Chris Brown’s ex also admitted she’s seeking taxi-cab therapy just as her former boo suffered from a stress- related seizure.

We’re used to looking at Rihanna’s wardrobe with general disapproval and confusion, but it’s usually because we can see her nipple rings or she decided to morph blue jeans and thongs into one article of clothing.

This time around, however, the songstress was all covered up as she made her way back unto U.S soil in a gray T-shirt and some denim shorts, but the image on the tee still had some critics raising a brow.

Rihanna’s T-shirt had a large American flag on it with a faded print of what appeared to be marijuana leaves.

Quite frankly, this is certainly one of the least controversial looks she’s ever flaunted and it’s certainly the least surprising.

RiRi has never hidden her love of smoking pot, so seeing it on a T-shirt instead of rolled up in a blunt on Instagram is actually a refreshing.

Not to mention, if another celebrity had worn the same tee people probably wouldn’t even have assumed it was marijuana. That’s simply the first plant that comes to mind when you see the bad gal RiRi with floral print on.

We say keep the shirt, Rihanna. It might be the only decent clothing you have.

Anyway, Rihanna and her weed- flag shirt took off to an unusual place to seek advice.

Shortly after reports surfaced that Chris Brown had a seizure in the studio Friday morning, RiRi posted to Instagam  a picture of herself in a taxi cab and she admitting that she was seeking words of wisdom from the driver.

“#MiamiMornings Cabbing it out round town since 8 am because I’m bored! On some ‘taxi driver be my shrink for the hour, leave the meter running’ type s**t #WhereAmIEvenGoing,” she captioned the backseat selfie.

Needless to say, she probably wasn’t really seeking any advice about her former lover or his seizure.

Does she care deep, down inside? Probably.

Will she ever let it show? Not unless she snags a part-two interview with Oprah.

Instead, she’ll be keeping herself busy filling up her Twitter and Instagram with more selfies and bikini shots.

Her latest Instagram photoshoot showed off her toned stomach in a black bikini that she accessorized with yet another body chain.

She completed the look with some questionable fringe sandals, hoop earrings and a gold grill on her bottom teeth.


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