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Rihanna Flashes Fans in Sweden; Named 5th Highest Paid Young Celeb

Rihanna flaunts nipple rings in see through mesh top Rihanna left her hotel in Sweden in a see-through mesh top that exposed her bare breasts and nipple piercings to create a look that may have you shocked to realize she’s made it onto the Forbes list of the highest paid celebrities under 30.

Rihanna and Lady Gaga have a lot in common, as both ladies are incredibly wealthy young entertainers and neither of them can keep their clothes on no matter where they are.

Chris Brown’s ex certainly hasn’t felt the need to class up her act after the break up as she made quite the grand exit from her Swedish hotel.

The Bajan beauty paired a see-through white mesh top with athletic shorts and short, strappy heels.

While she was busy flaunting her nipple piercings, she decided not to flaunt her new gray hair, but rocked a simple baseball cap instead along with a large pair of sunglasses.

Her loyal sidekick Melissa Forde tagged right along as always in a white top paired with neon yellow shoes and a matching snapback.

The ladies were on their way to the Globe Arena in Stockholm, where the bad gal was scheduled to take the stage as a part of her Diamonds World Tour.

Her boobs weren’t the only set of twins she let out for some air during her stay either. Rihanna managed to head to the park for a few minutes without any paparazzi tagging along where she let her cheeks get some fresh air as well – and not the cheeks on her face.

The “Stay” songstress slipped into a pair of white shorts that really didn’t do much to cover up her butt.

Although photographers weren’t there, she did have her trusty sidekick snap a few pictures for Instagram.

“10 mins at the park today with no papz! #OperationPhreshAir mission accomplished!” She wrote under the photo.

Many of Rihanna casual looks have been deemed “trashy” and “cheap” by style experts but looking cheap doesn’t mean Rihanna isn’t paid well.

In fact, RiRi came in at No. 5  of the highest paid celebrities under 30 – a list that her ex-boyfriend didn’t make an appearance on.

Her bad girl ways and the Rihanna Navy still weren’t enough to trump the powers of Queen of the Little Monsters, the King of the Beliebers, Taylor Swift, or Calvin Harris.

Lady GaGa topped the list by pulling in an astounding $80 million in one year.

Justin Bieber’s bad behavior certainly hasn’t hurt his fan base yet as he made $58 million.

Taylor Swift is still living proof that nothing sells to teenage girls better than break up and make up love songs as she grossed $55 million.

Calvin Harris, who has worked with Rihanna in the past, pulled in $46 million, proving that he has certainly come a long way since he was first discovered as a talented DJ and producer on Myspace.

As for the bad gal herself, she made $43 million but still isn’t making any plans to dress accordingly.


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