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Rihanna Debuts New Haircut While Brushing Off Old Drama

Looks like Rihanna hated the gray weave just as much as we did…

RiRi was spotted out and about on Thursday with a new hairdo, which isn’t unusual for the Bajan beauty, but this time she opted for a more natural look.

Instead of slipping on another weave, wig or extensions, Rihanna is letting her real hair breathe for a little while.

Her pixie cut has apparently grown out a little bit, as the songstress rocked a short curly ‘do along with a simple gray tank top that allowed her to show off her nipple ring once again. She paired the simple top with a slim pair of black jeans and black sneakers but still added some bling to the outfit with a dramatic diamond choker.

The look is definitely a new type of style for the “Stay” singer, and even she admitted that she needs to take some time just to get used to it.

“Still tryna get used to my hurr, so I threw on some #redlipstick,” she wrote on Instagram along with another picture of her new do.

If RiRi and “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Joseline Hernandez aren’t friends yet, we really recommend that they link up soon. Both of the stars are bashed for being trashy, have had to share their men with other women, love showing off their breasts, and use the same lingo to diss people of whom they aren’t too fond. Now that the 25-year-old has the new haircut—the bad gals even look the same!

Then again, the world might not be ready to welcome a bad girl duo like Rihanna and Joseline becoming besties…the world may never be ready for something like that.

Anyway, Rihanna is taking some time off her Diamonds World Tour, jetting back to Los Angeles for a little while, but she definitely isn’t making

Rihanna resembles love and hip hop star Joseline Hernandez any plans to catch up with Chris Brown.

Rihanna and Chris were on and off for quite some time, but after all the social media shade they’ve been throwing around recently, it’s safe to say that things are done for good this time – or at least we hope.

One source told that Rihanna actually doesn’t have anymore harsh feelings towards Breezy, but we have more than enough reasons to believe that isn’t the case.

“She’s cool on all his drama,” the source said. “Nobody has time for that. Life is way too short, and it’s just better to cut the losses now and move on… She’s cool without him. She was Rihanna before him. No shade, but it’s cool. She loves him and wants him to be great.”

If there really are no harsh feelings, then why would Rihanna post a very blatant diss aimed at Brown and his clique on Instagram after Breezy sent out a tweet about RiRi being featured on his album?

Maybe she does want Brown to “be great” as long as he does it on his own, without her help, or maybe the source is just trying to make Rihanna seem a little more laid back and nonchalant about all the drama than she really is. What do you think?

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