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Nicki Minaj Slams Kirk Frost on Twitter; Does Rihanna Twerk Diss Chris Brown?

Nicki Minaj and Rihanna are both pretty outspoken ladies in the music industry and recently Nicki took to Twitter to slam Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Kirk Frost for cheating on his pregnant wife, Rasheeda, while Rihanna rocked Instagram with a twerk video aimed at her ex Chris Brown.

Nicki Nick and RiRi love taking to social media to air their frustrations and neither of them were holding back this week.

The “Masquerade” rapper used her Twitter account to rip Kirk Frost a new one after he had the nerve to cheat on Rasheeda.

“Damn my n***a, after 15 yrs u wld embarrass the mother of your child while she’s pregnant on nat’l tv like that? cornballs on deck. for reality tv tho? My n—a…that s–t ain’t worth it,” the curvy rapper tweeted. “If you’re trying to convince someone you’re not gay that’s the wrong way to go about it. Your wife is pregnant. U do that on nat’l tv? GTFOH.”

She still wasn’t done yet either. Another string of tweets praised Rasheeda for being a loyal female, while daring Frost to tweet that his relationship isn’t any of Nicki’s business.

“Having problems is one thing, broadcasting it on a tv show for some air time is another. That woman stayed by your side. how dare u? And i dare u to say it ain’t none of my business. u done sold it to vh1. Its everybody business,” the Twitter rant continued. “Its levels to this s–t…lol…the lower level minds will never understand that. You’re willing to ruin a 15 yr bond for vh1? el stupido.”

Frost has done many idiotic things on the reality show, but he was wise enough not to try to engage in a Twitter war with Nicki because that’s one area where she still reigns as the champion. That lady can cut deep with only 140 characters.

Anyway, he did try to find an excuse to take some of the hate off of him.

“That was kind of out of hand for me,” he defended in a new interview. “I was drinking hanging with Benzino and Bobby V. I think somebody put something in the drink. I was like, ‘That’s not me.’ But it happened.”

While he continues to blame the liquor for his mistakes, Rihanna is trying to use her fabulously toned rear end to make Chris Brown regret his.

It’s obvious that the petite songstress believes she is still the best woman in the world for Brown, but she also made it clear that she doesn’t want him anymore – if you decide to believe that, that’s all on you.

Anyway, RiRi posted a video to Instagram where she was shaking her money-maker and showing Breezy what he’s missing out on.

Oh, almost forgot to mention that she’s twerking it to a Drake song.

That’s right ladies and gents. We aren’t sure which man, if either, controlled Rihanna’s heart but we do know who controls that bum of hers.

As soon as Drizzy’s verse on “F*****g Problems” begins to play the Bajan beauty bends it over and starts twerking to the song of Breezy’s arch-nemesis.

It isn’t clear if she was really trying to take a shot at Brown, but it is funny that of all songs and all rappers, she picked that verse to shake it to.

And which lyrics are Drake rapping why Rihanna shakes it? That’s right the one part of the song that just might be a sly Breezy diss.

“I know you love it when this beat is on/ Make you think about all of the n****s you’ve been leading on/ Make me think of all the rappers I’ve been feeding on/ Got a feeling that’s the same dude that we speakin’ on, Oh word?” Drake raps while Rihanna dances.

Seems like some shade is being thrown after all.


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