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Beyonce’s Fan Faints at Her Concert; Jay Z Dedicates Performance to Trayvon Martin

Beyonce and Jay Z both had huge concerts over the weekend and while Jay Z was keeping Trayvon Martin’s memory alive, Beyonce accidentally caused one super fan to faint.

Beyonce has always been known for commanding attention and has been deemed one of today’s most outstanding performers. So it’s no surprise she has a cult-like following known as the Bey Hive.

One man, who has probably been crowned the Bey Hive King for a day, was lucky enough not only to grab Beyonce’s hand, but to also get a warm hug from the R&B songstress.

It all started when Baddie Bey was strutting her way across the stage and one of her fans was screaming uncontrollably with excitement and reaching his hands up higher than anyone else in the crowd.

The “Grown Woman” singer then grabbed his hand as she continued on belting out “Irreplaceable.” After the fan made contact with the Queen of the Bey Hive, he apparently lost control of his emotions as he began shaking and jumping around in a way that would almost make you concerned for the fans standing next to him.

After she finished her verse on the hit, she kneeled down and offered the enthusiastic fan a hug. While he seemed fine during the embrace, he soon after let go of Bey only to fall to the floor out of the camera’s view.

Another fan leaned down, probably to make sure the young man was OK, after Mrs. Carter had already walked away to continue the show.

This is just proof that good things come to those who wait with respect. The incident comes just weeks after another fan was threatened with removal from Beyonce’s show because he decided to reach up and slap the R&B songstress on the butt.

The “Sweet Dreams” singer has always been one to show her fans some love, and she even brought one fan’s little girl on stage where she gave her a warm hug as well. For the record, the little girl didn’t faint after her hug.

Meanwhile, Jay-Z was in New York at Yankee Stadium with Justin Timberlake where the duo dedicated a special performance to Trayvon Martin.

Jay-Z and J.T. teamed up for their “Legends of the Summer Tour” and before they closed the show, they performed the hip-hop mogul’s hit “Young Forever.”

Mr. Carter instructed the crowd to take out their cell phones as lighters and “raise them to the sky for Trayvon Martin.” Instantly the entire stadium was filled with orbs of lights from the many cellphones that are being waved back and forth in support of the innocent unarmed teenager who was killed by George Zimmerman.

This comes shortly after both Bey and Jay took part in a Trayvon Martin rally in New York along with Trayvon’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, and the Rev. Al Sharpton.


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