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Fan Slaps Beyonce on the Butt During Mrs. Carter Show in Denmark


Beyonce got slapped on the butt during her show in Copenhagen, Denmark on Monday when an excited fan dared to reach up on the stage and get a hand full of Bey’s famous backside.

Queen Bey was in her dazzling navy blue bodysuit as she belted out her hit “Irreplaceable.”

As the curvy songstress began her walk down the catwalk portion of the stage she leaned over to interact with fans like she usually does but it seems like seeing Bey bent over was just too much for one fan to control himself.

When the “Bow Down” singer stood up again and prepared to walk off, the fan reached up and slapped Beyonce right on her butt.

We all know Beyonce is one R&B diva who can perform through any crazy mishap. From tumbling down a set of stairs in a full length gown to watching Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams tumble during a live performance, Queen Bey performs through it all – but not this time.

While it would have been easy for Mrs. Carter to keep going on with the show without addressing the tacky fan she made sure that the man realized that he better keep his hands to himself or that pricey Mrs. Carter World Tour ticket will go to waste.

After Beyonce was slapped on her rear she stopped dead in tracks and looked at the fan with such an intense glare that we weren’t sure if she was going to take her shoe off and beat him with it.

Instead, she kept her class and simply warned him that she will kick him out if he doesn’t learn to behave.

“I’ll have you escorted out of here,” she said to the fan before continuing on with her performance.

The cameras never caught the man getting kicked out of the show, but he surely didn’t bother to reach up and pat her butt again for the remainder of the show.

The fan certainly had to have some serious nerve to grab Beyonce’s butt considering the fact that she is the reigning Queen of R&B and Jay-Z’s wife. HOV doesn’t seem like the type of guy we would want to cross, especially when it comes to his bootylicious wife and the mother of his daughter Blue Ivy.

We’re not saying Jay-Z is a part of the Illuminati, but if that fan goes missing within the next few days we wouldn’t be surprised.

The Beyonce butt slap isn’t the first time that over zealous fans have been causing a commotion lately.

Earlier this month a fan rushed their way unto the stage in an attempt to get up close and personal with Justin Bieber in Dubai only to have security rush in and tackle him so hard that even Justin’s piano took a tumble.

About a year ago we also saw another crazed fan push their way through security to join Miley Cyrus on stage for a picture before security dragged Miley and the coocoo for cocoa puffs fan off the stage.

Quite frankly, we’re surprised that a full on swat team didn’t descend from the skies and take out the fan who dared to put his hands on Baddie Bey.

Anyway, check out the footage below of the crazy Bey Stan giving Mrs. Carter a good ol’ pat on the “back”:

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