Friday, June 5, 2020

Monique Davis

Issa Rae produces How Men Become Dogs

Issa Rae's New Series Shines Spotlight on Emotional Men

If you haven't heard of Issa Rae, it's about time you get acquainted with the creator of one of the most innovative web series, 'The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl.' (ABG). While her series...
Devyn says no to black model title

'The Face' Model Devyn Says "I'm Not Black" – Naomi Campbell Reacts

It doesn't take much to anger Naomi Campbell but the latest thing to spark her ire is certainly understandable. On the show 'The Face', where Campbell acts as a coach for models aspiring to...
white models and black magazine covers

Jada Pinkett Smith Say White Women Should Cover Black Magazines

Should white women grace the covers of magazines with intended black audiences? That's the question Jada Pinkett Smith tackled on her Facebook page when she addressed the lack of black women on the covers...
CNN asks Roland Martin to leave network

CNN Fires News Anchor – Roland Martin Reacts

CNN has sent Roland Martin packing. The network news giant has chosen not to renew Martin's contract, making his last air date with the CNN April 6. Martin confirmed his apparent firing on his...
Study says Mindfulness can improve health

Discovering How Mindfulness Can Create a Healthy Lifestyle

There's a famous scripture in the Bible that encourages us to take the plank out of our own eye before addressing the speck in our brother's eye. Basically, that scripture is intended to teaches...
how the media promotes feminism through causal sex

Sex Sells: How Casual Sex is Ruining the Next American Generation

Sex sells. In movies, television, print media and on the web, sex is a hot button issue that is hotly debated. Just yesterday I saw a promo for the upcoming episode of the CW...
How working out can slim your tummy

How to Shrink Belly Fat in Two Simple Ways

Summer season is upon us and for some that means hitting the gym a little harder. But, if you're finding that for all your efforts you're still left with a stomach that is not...
Drak and Chris Brown feud

Drake, Chris Brown and Nightclub Attempt to Evade Tony Parker Lawsuit

Chris Brown is being sued by Drake. Drake is being sued by Chris Brown. Tony Parker is suing the nightclub where Drake and Chris fought last year. And, both entertainers are being sued by...
Women earn less than men on average

Let's Tackle the Pay Gap Myth: Women Don't Make Less than Men

Well, actually women do make less than men, but it's not on the scale that we've all been lead to believe. The fact is statistics can be engineered to reflect any point of view;...
Gaby Union responds to Siohvaughn Wade's Dr. Phil appearance

Gabrielle Union to Dwyane Wade's Ex: Stop Blaming Me!

Just days after Dwyane Wade's ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches-Wade appeared on Dr. Phil to publicly take digs at him, Wade's actress girlfriend Gabrielle Union fired back. Sort of. She took to Twitter to launch a...
Steubenville rape case witnesses

How the Steubenville Rape Scandal is Exposing Rape Culture

Chances are you had never heard of Steubenville, Ohio before the heinous rape case where social media tools were used to help circulate an assault on a young girl was thrust into the media....
Dwyane Wade ex wife on Dr. Phil show

Dwyane Wade's Ex Siohvaughn Blasts Him as Abusive on Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil had quite the guest in Siohvaughn Funches-Wade on his show yesterday. The former Mrs. Wade sought the most public forum to tell the world that she's not crazy, to accuse her ex...
Michelle Obama on April Vogue Shape Issue

Michelle Obama to Grace Cover of Vogue for their ‘Shape Issue’

Michelle Obama will be one of Vogue magazine's cover girls (again) shortly. Mrs. Obama is set to promote her healthy lifestyle and 'get fit' agenda in Vogue's upcoming "Shape issue" in April. While the...
Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert first pregnancy

Get Your Life – Tamar Braxton is Pregnant!

Popular Critic wants to be among the first to wish Vince Herbert and Tamar Braxton congratulations on their pregnancy. For all you 'Braxton Family Values" fans, you'll have another element to watch with Tamar's...
Motivate yourself with inspirational quotes

Motivate Yourself! A Few Famous Quotes Designed to Get You Going

Are you usually the cheerleader for everyone else, while rarely receiving so much as a "you can do it" from your circle of friends or family? Are you the go-to person for advice, a...
Racial Profiling bad for health

Is Racial Profiling Hazardous to Your Health? One Study Says, "YES!"

In the United States (U.S.) there are so many things that are detrimental to our health. Artificial sweeteners, char-grilled meat, smog and more are all bad for our health. The New York City government...
Is Feminist a Bad Word

Is Feminist A Bad Word: How Feminism Isn't Just About Equal Rights

Is 'feminist' a bad word? While it may not be an inherently bad word, the concepts it seems to evoke when used are negative enough that many women are shying away from labeling themselves...
Amanda Bynes trying to look black

Amanda Bynes Unrecognizable, Former Teen Star Trying to 'Look Black?'

Amanda Bynes looks different now days...unrecognizable to some...others say the former child star is trying to "look black." On Saturday, Bynes tweeted a picture of herself in heavy make-up, an obviously fake blond curly...
Controversial teen pregnancy by Mayor Bloomberg

Slut-Shaming and Bloomberg's New Teen Pregnancy Campaign

New York Mayor Bloomberg's latest campaign about the effects of teen pregnancy is hitting a nerve; especially with MSNBC anchor Melissa Harris-Perry. She address what she called the shaming of teen mothers in the...
Ellen DeGeneres names new CoverGirl Alexis Harris

Alexis Harris Wins Ellen DeGeneres 2013 CoverGirl Contest

The Ellen CoverGirl contest winner is 18-year old Alexis Harris. Last year, Ellen DeGeneres helped Talia Castellano, a 13-year-old aspiring make-up artist battling cancer, become an honorary CoverGirl. So the giant make-up corporation collaborated...
Megan Good discusses secrets to good marriage

Meagan Good Shares Secret to Marriage Success

Since when is marriage a bad thing? Apparently when one former sex symbol and her preacher husband discuss the keys to a successful marriage it's cause for public disdain. Meagan Good and her husband...