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The Cougars Have Their Claws Out In 'Two Mothers' Trailer

Check out some major mama drama in the trailer for Annie Fontine’s latest film, Two Mothers . 

Robin Wright and Naomi Watts star as best friends, Roz and Lil, single moms who each live with their charming and handsome sons, played by Xavier Samuel and James Frecheville. In fact, their respective sons are so handsome and charming that neither mom can resist engaging in a relationship with the other’s son. Confused yet?  In a nutshell, Roz has an affair with Lil’s son which provokes Lil to have revenge sex with Roz’s son. As you might imagine this leads to some major tension between the mothers and sons, along with a big, fat moral dilemma.

If Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have taught us anything, young, hot men with significantly older womens might get bored and look for greener, younger pastures – which seems to happen to both Lil and Roz. Talk about awkward. The trailer seems to point towards disaster for all parties involved in the scandalous affair and the makings of a pretty intriguing, albiet strange, movie.

Vulture called it “the best and worst movie” at Sundance, saying, “Literally 95% of the movie is comprised of the following: swimming, staring, and sex-having. (Often, some of those actions are combined or follow each other in rapid succession.)” Hmm, sounds…interesting?

Here’s the trailer for Two Mothers, which hits theaters this Spring, but you might want to think twice about taking your mom to see it this Mother’s day.

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