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Did Forest Whitaker Just Rally for ‘Recompense’ for Racial Healing In America?

The path to racial healing begins with acceptance of one’s mistakes and recompense, according to Oscar-winning actor Forest Whitaker.

Whitaker sat down to discuss his latest film “Burden,” a 90’s-set drama about a Klansman seeking redemption for his racist ways. The movie, a contender at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, has Whitaker playing a preacher who takes interest in reforming a Ku Klux Klan disciple named Mike Burden.

“The first thing that has to happen is an acknowledgment of what’s going on and what’s happening,” he told The Wrap. “And I think this film is making that acknowledgement… and then you can move into some form of recompense. Then you hopefully move into some form of healing that requires some acceptance. And then you have to move and continue to find some form of love.”

“There needs to be some sort of repentance from that, whether a person can be paid back for the problems that they’ve created, in a way,” he added.

Watch the rest of his commentary above.

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