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Kanye West, Kim K Trashed by His Ex-Girlfriend and Love & Hip Hop Star

Kanye West is dating Kim Kardashian because she “fits his brand,” according to his ex-girlfriend Brooke Crittendon. The aspiring model Crittendon dated Kanye from 2004-2006, in his early ‘College Dropout’ fame days. She said that along with his big ego there’s a softer, more vulnerable side to the often mis-understood rapper. His ex gave details to The Sun on Kanye’s current relationship with Kardashian.

On why he choose Kim, Brooke says, “For Kanye, what other person besides Kim Kardashian is there?” She goes on, “There’s Halle Berry, J.Lo and Beyonce, but they are all taken. She fits into his brand. Part of being untouchable is having what other people want. It’s about saying, ‘Everybody wants her and she wants me.’ That makes sense in Kanye’s world.”

While it’s easy for the world to see that Kanye is clearly enamored with Kim, Ms. Crittendon asserts that the relationship might not last a lifetime; despite the fact that the couple is expecting their first child together. “Them being together satisfies them for now. Having a baby ticks a box. She wanted kids and it’s his legacy.”

On what she perceived as Kanye’s insecurity, Brooke got specific during her interview; saying that unless she was by his side before his shows, he wouldn’t perform. “He was not macho — he needed you to be with him and needed your opinion”…”He needs people to tell him he is good and that he is needed and wanted.  He wouldn’t start his show unless I was at the side of the stage. One night the show was delayed because he couldn’t find me,” she said.

Somehow, the thought of Kanye peering from backstage to see whether or not his girl was in the audience doesn’t ring true. But, stranger things have been reported when it comes to Mr. West.

Speaking of those “strange things”, new ‘Love and Hip-Hop’ cast member and ghost-rapper to the stars Consequence has a bit to say about Kanye as well. According to the behind-the-scenes rapper, he fell out of favor with Kanye over money disputes and as a result, Consequence didn’t want him to know about his girlfriend’s pregnancy. (Which, in and of itself, is strange on the part of the ghost writer.) “I didn’t want Kanye to know because we were still going through money things and it was nasty. It was a lot of things that was involved.”


Then, in the same interview Consequence discussed how his girlfriend Jen was upset that Kanye didn’t send the pair a gift to celebrate the birth of their child. Yes. He was actually expressing that he and Jen were “hurt” that Kanye didn’t get them a present for the child they tried to keep secret from him.

Does this story make sense to anyone but Consequence?

In other parts of the interview, ghost writer called out Q-Tip for gossiping and  “talking like a girl.” Certainly, Consequence doesn’t realize that his assertion is like the pot calling the kettle black because his whole interview with Power 105’s ‘The Breakfast Club’ crew made him sound like a whiny child; upset that he didn’t get his way.

One thing’s for sure: In Kanye’s world he doesn’t even have to do anything to get press. Both Brooke Crittendon and Consequence are stroking the self-center rapper’s ego and helping keep him in the news.


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