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Bruce and Kris Jenner to Divorce – Rumors of the Couple's Split

Bruce and Kris Jenner at Clipper gameBruce and Kris Jenner divorce rumors are always a hot topic; even on Christmas. The rumor mill has started up once again after the pair attended the LA Clippers game and, gasp!, didn’t sit together for the duration of the game. Apparently, that’s all it takes now for this couple to be headed to divorce court. The explanation of their separate seating arrangement is logical, however. Bruce Jenner gave up his seat and sat a row behind his wife Kris after Kanye and Kim Kardashian joined the couple, along with Khloe Kardashian-Odom, in the front row of the game.

Scandal, indeed.

How Kris and Bruce Jenner’s relationship can generate so many divorce rumors is insane. News of the couple splitting can stem from anything, like not sitting together at a game. Earlier in the year, though, there were detailed reports that the couple was living separate lives. Various supposed ‘inside sources’ told media outlets that Bruce was planning to move out and take their two daughters with him. Those same sources also reported that Rob, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian were siding with their step-father, while Kim was planted firmly alongside her mother in the divorce battle.

A battle that either has not happened or hasn’t been made public yet.

Despite the rumors of divorce, the couple’s union seemed to be intact as they jointly hosted their annual Christmas Eve party at their Hidden Hills home. Over 200 guests were treated to a Christmas extravaganza, complete with gingerbread house-making stations for children, a lavish meal that included traditional holiday staples, and even a guest appearance from Santa himself. From all accounts it seems like a good time was had by all…the Jenners included.

Bruce and Kris JennerStill the rumors of an imminent split persist with this couple. During the Christmas Day Clippers game, when Bruce and Kris did sit next to each other, neither of them looked thrilled to be in the company of the other. The pair sat stonefaced. Kris had her arms folded across her chest; a clear body language cue that says “leave me alone.”

Perhaps they may have just had an argument or maybe Mrs. Jenner simply wasn’t feeling well. Because she has built their family into a ‘brand’, Kris is seen less as a regular wife, and is instead portrayed in the media as calculating, manipulative and shrewd woman. It’s true that none of those qualities go over well in a marriage and, as a result, the divorce rumors of Bruce and Kris Jenner abound.

However, as much as she might be all of those things, she stands above all as a smart businesswoman. It’s because of that fact that many sources have reported that even though her marriage is on the rocks, the sometimes reluctant Mrs. Jenner will not proceed with a divorce.

So sorry all those who are rooting for a Kardashian/Jenner split. The divorce rumors are wrong again…for now.

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