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Joseline Hernandez Rips into Tamar Braxton’s ‘Man’ comments

Joseline Hernandez does not like Tamar Braxton. She made that abundantly clear as she took to Twitter last night to slam Braxton about comments she made on Tameka “Tiny” Cottle’s new show ‘Tiny Tonight.’ On the show, Tamar and unknown spokesmodel Claudia Jordan clowned Joseline’s appearance; at one point saying that she’s really a man. Unamused, Ms. Hernandez snapped back on both women via the popular social network with this comment:

“@TamarBraxtonHer b*tch u got a d*ck u f*ck u know who whit you wanna be beyonce old PUTA. U a mess. I stay on u hoes mind. U 2 old. @TamarBraxtonHer I fight old hoes. Iol. #trowback. N give it up u like 100 u been trying all your life. Get back brawd. Lol Grandmamas always b hating.”

Ms. Hernandez didn’t stop there. She had some biting words for Ms. Jordan and even more to say about Tamar as well. “This old hoe @claudiajordan need to sit down is she married yet?@tamarbraxtonher need a nose job with her ugly ass.”

“What does ratchet mean to you?” That was the question Tiny’s friend Shekinah took to the streets to ask Atlanta passersby on a special ‘Tiny Tonight’ segment. Most folks didn’t know exactly what she was referring to with the term ‘ratchet’ but most interviewed did their best to entertain the ridiculous question.

While the show was a top trending term on Twitter last night, it’s too early to say this will be a hit for Vh1. In addition to Tiny, Tamar, and Claudia; Miami rapper Trina joined the ladies and was, surprisingly, the most poised of the bunch. Where others went for the cheap shots and low-blows regarding some the the year’s most controversial entertainment stories (including whether Beyonce’s pregnancy was faked or not and the Rihanna/Chris/Karrueche love triangle), Trina remained unwavering in her efforts to maintain balance in her views. Of all the things to be entertained by on ‘Tiny Tonight’ (and there were few), Trina’s stage presence and even-temperament was definitely one.

With segments like “what is ratchet,” audiences can only hope that ‘Tiny Tonight’ is the bottom of the barrel for Vh1 in terms of ratings and the show is ultimately canceled. ‘T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle’ is a welcome departure from the simple “she-said, she-said” centered drama of other Vh1 shows like ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ and the ‘Basketball Wives’ franchise. That’s part of the reason why many people love the show. However, what ‘T.I. and Tiny’ lacks in drama, ‘Tiny Tonight’ does more than its share to make up for it.

Perhaps with celebrity centered interviews, fashion critiques, and more newsworthy stories than just a re-hash of over-exposed pop culture, the show might have a chance to be fresh and stand alone.

However, as it stands, this whole show is the definition of ratchet.

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