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Tamar Braxton Releases 'Love and War', Fans and Critics Respond

Tamar Braxton has been looking to break into the music business as a solo artist for years. Since her husband Vincent Herbert, manager of the superstar Lady Gaga, is helping her with this latest musical endeavor, will Tamar’s latest release “Love and War” be enough to solidify the reality TV star as a musical powerhouse?

Braxton gave fans a sneak peak of the song during her recording on her hit reality show Tamar & Vince. Fans can listen to and purchase the full song on iTunes now, and what they will find is a more gentle–almost vulnerable–Tamar singing about the ups and downs of love. The ballad showcases Mrs. Herbert’s full range with lyrics like, “We go so hard, we lose control/ The fire starts, then we explode/ When the smoke clears, we dry the tears/ Only if love and war…”

Tamar’s new release is a breath of fresh air in a sea full of dance music and pop hits. Reminiscent of old school r&b ballads, like the ones her sister Toni Braxton is known for, the songstress puts her stamp on the music industry with “Love and War.” Watching her during the first few seasons of Braxton Family Values, it was beginning to look like Tamar wanted to follow squarely in the footsteps of Vince’s musical protege Lady Gaga. Apparently, Vince helped guide his wife toward a unique sound that was fit for her personality, talent and ability.

With all the good reviews the song is getting, what can fans expect from a Tamar album? It’s rumored that her newest release in 12 years is scheduled to debut next year. There’s no word a release date, but with this new single burning up iTunes, the diva would be wise to capitalize on her success and popularity and give the fans what they want.

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