Madonna Booed for Barack Obama Endorsement at New Orleans Concert

Madonna was booed at her latest concert in New Orleans after asking fans to go vote for Barack Obama but will Obama’s new slogan help change that?

You would be surprised to learn that of all cities, New Orleans was the one to boo Madonna for her Barack Obama endorsement.

Despite harsh criticisms from the city on how then Republican President George W. Bush handled the Hurricane Katrina disaster back in 2005, they weren’t that excited about a president from a different political party.

The 54-year-old pop singer took the stage, ready to entertain the crowd and push her political agenda.

“I don’t care who you vote for as long as you vote for Obama,” the “Girl Gone Wild” songstress said.
Immediately after making the comment the crowd erupted and booed the Obama supporter until she recanted her statement.

“Seriously, I don’t care who you vote for as long as you take responsibility for the future of your country… Do not take this privilege for granted,” the “Give Me All Your Lovin’” singer said. “Go vote!”

It seems as if the pop star hasn’t realized that the stage isn’t the always the best place to make a political statement. Back in May she placed a swastika over the face of French politician Marine Le Pen in a background video and then in September called Barack Obama a “black Muslim.”

Seeing that Katy Perry has flaunted Obama nails and a Obama voting ballot dress and hasn’t been met with boos, Madonna’s fans might just be fed up with her political indecisiveness and would probably rather the starlet just show up to sing and leave it at that.

Meanwhile, Obama does seem to have lost some support from younger voters. The 2008 election was largely decided by the new flock of younger generation voters who rushed out the ballot in support of Barack Obama, but this year’s election might not see the same turn out.

Although the President still has a majority of the support from younger voters, they aren’t nearly was enthusiastic as they were four years ago when Obama was first elected into office.
Apparently, many of the younger voters are disappointed to see that the presidential candidate who pushed for change still conformed just as much as the average politician…

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