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Myth of Obama as Muslim and Foreigner Persists in AP Poll

After four years of a Barack Obama presidency, 18 percent of the public polled by the Associated Press still say the president is Muslim, compared to just 28 percent who correctly identify his religion as Protestant.

The percentage who said Obama was Muslim actually rose one point, from 17 to 18 percent, since the AP asked respondents the same question in 2010. Since 2010, the number who correctly called him Protestant rose from 26 to 28 percent, while the percentage who said they didn’t know his religion dropped from 41 percent in 2010 to 35 percent this year.

Apparently, the cluelessness of the American public knows no bounds.

Though Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney has only been in the national spotlight for a few months, a far higher percentage of poll respondents—67 percent—were able to correctly identify his religion as Mormon, while 26 percent said they didn’t know his religion.

It is a remarkable example of the power and persistent of the right-wing echo chambers and conspiracy theorists, who continue to push the idea that Obama is a Muslim to a large portion of the public that is willing to believe it—regardless of all the evidence to the contrary.

Similarly, 39 percent of poll respondents said that they believe President Obama was born in another country, which is another persistent myth that is pushed by the right-wing in this country.

Asked whether President Obama and Mitt Romney were politically “liberal” or “conservative,” 7 percent of poll respondents said that Obama was extremely or moderately conservative, while 5 percent said Romney was extremely or moderately conservative. Perhaps poll respondents who are so out-of-touch and unaware shouldn’t even be allowed to have an opinion in these national surveys.

The AP poll was aimed at recording the public’s attitudes about race. When asked which group was responsible for creating the racial tension in the U.S. today, 24 percent said blacks were responsible for most of it, compared to 19 percent who said whites were responsible for most of it and 8 percent who said Hispanics were responsible for most of it.

But for the most part, there wasn’t a huge amount of difference in which race the poll respondents were more likely to assign negative characteristics.

Of the 1,071 Americans questioned in the AP/GFK poll conducted early last month, 67 percent were white, 14 percent Hispanic and 12 percent black.

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4 thoughts on “Myth of Obama as Muslim and Foreigner Persists in AP Poll

  1. Monte Farst says:

    Obama has said he was Christian, was Muslim in Indonesia, wears a Muslim ring on his marriage finger. He just got caught red handed helping America's enemies, radical muslims and is about as incompetent as a fourth grader as President. Since you got some bogus award you can call everybody clueless. Come on Nick your in a bubble and you need to get out…

  2. The anglo-saxon is fucking funny isn't he? On one hand he's a Muslim, yet they take him to task for going to a Khristian church and hanging around radical Khristian priests. I come from an old, old Muslim family and I literally have thousands of relatives spread out through West and Northern Africa, the Middle East and the Persian gulf and they all laugh their collective asses off when they hear that. Most anglo-saxons wouldn't know a Muslim if he's not presenting himself in the stereotypical way that they've come accustomed to.

  3. Monte Farst says:

    Hey Nabil, next time you want to call someone names how about not asking them a multiple questions first. I could care less what your relatives think all over the world. You obviously don't know what I know, that doesn't make you smart. Nabil Obama went to an Islamic School and signed up at the school as a Muslim. He is aligned with radical Muslims, his Chief of Staff Valley Jarret was born in Iran. He just gave Libya to the Muslim Brotherhood. We have had multiple attacks against our citizens in the last four years and this fool isn't calling it what it is. Obama's deficits make Bush's look like child's play. Nabil your fucking funny bro.

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