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Rihanna, Chris Brown Spotted Together at Jay-Z Concert

First Rihanna and Chris Brown were spotted making out on the dance floor of a nightclub—though they denied it—then separately leaving the same Manhattan hotel, and yesterday they were seen sitting cozily together at a Jay-Z concert.

Um, looks to us like the notorious duo are back together again, no?

And then there’s the last piece of evidence, a tweet by Brown’s “girlfriend” Karrueche Tran. The tweet consisted of just two words: “Bye baby.”

We feel a little sorry for Karrueche, trying to compete with a woman who has the platform to profess her love for Karrueche’s man on national television, then methodically woo him back through Twitter. It was a somewhat masterful performance by Rihanna in long-distance seduction.

According to E! News, Brown and Rihanna were spotted making out in a nightclub in New York City. Sources at the nightclub say the two arrived separately, with Brown arriving first with friend and rapper Bow Wow. Rihanna came next and sat at a separate table. Her ex spotted her and allegedly climbed over his table to get to her. According to a source close to the singer, going to that nightclub was a premeditated action. “She knew he was there,” said the spy.

When they connected with each other, Rihanna stripped Brown of his shirt and they started kissing and dancing with each other. After the exchange, the two singers went to the back of the club together and were gone for 20 minutes, with Rihanna returning looking a bit “ruffled,” according to witnesses.

Could these two be more obvious?

The former, or current, lovers stayed at the club until around 4 a.m. and left separately. But the party didn’t stop at the club. Brown was later photographed walking out of the same hotel Rihanna was staying at a day after the nightclub rendezvous.

But just this past weekend, Brown was still hanging out with Tran, partying with her at Compound in Atlanta on Saturday after the BET Hip Hop Awards.

However, they weren’t exactly cozy, as the “Don’t Wake Me Up” singer mixed with the  crowds while his girlfriend chilled separately with her friends. But Tran still was moved to blast her “haters” on Twitter.

“Reading some of yall’s catty ass tweets is so damn depressing! Drama drama drama ugh,” she tweeted.

The sighting of Brown and Rihanna together in the VIP area of Barclays Center in Brooklyn late Wednesday night was verified by Rap Radar editor Elliott Wilson, who tweeted a photo of them sitting next to each other, right behind Beyonce and Rita Ora. Brown had his arm around the back of RiRi’s seat, like an old married couple.


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