Rihanna and Chris Brown Spotted Making Out in NYC Nightclub

There have been rumors of reconciliation between Rihanna and Chris Brown for months and according to reports, they aren’t hiding it anymore.

According to E! News, the two were spotted making out in a nightclub in New York City. Sources at the nightclub say the two arrived separately, with Brown arriving first with friend and rapper Bow Wow. Rihanna came next and sat at a separate table. Her ex spotted her and allegedly climbed over his table to get to her. According to a source close to the singer, going to that nightclub was a premeditated action. “She knew he was there,” said the spy.

When they connected with each other, Rihanna stripped Brown of his shirt and they started kissing and dancing with each other. After the exchange, the two singers went to a bathroom together and were gone for 20 minutes.

The former, or current, lovers stayed at the club until around 4 a.m. and left separately. But the party didn’t stop at the club. Brown was later photographed walking out of the same hotel Rihanna was staying at a day after the nightclub rendezvous.

Reps for the stars could not be reached for comment but friends close to the pair say the rumors aren’t true. A member of one of their entourages admitted they were hanging out but denies the make-out session. “They were hanging, but not too touchy,” said the member. “They could tell they were being watched. Anything that was going to happen, wasn’t going to happen in the club.”

The source also claimed Brown took off his own shirt as a joke when the DJ played one of his songs and Rihanna seemed to get a kick out of it. “Rihanna was laughing,” the source added. DJ Suss-One of NYC’s Power 101.1 called the rumors a “blatant lie.”

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