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The Talk: No Makeup For Season Premiere

The Talk No Makeup – Afternoon television gets real as the ladies of The Talk go on air with no make up!

The cast of the The Talk – Sharon Osbourne, Sara Gilbert, Aisha Tyler, Sheryl Underwood, and Julie Chen – decided to bare it all yesterday as they joined around the table in nothing but robes and make up free faces for the premiere of the show’s third season on CBS.

Even the special guests for the evening – Jamie Lee Curtis, Melody Thomas Scott, Michelle Strafford, and Katherine Kelly Lang – joined in and appeared on The Talk with no makeup at all.

Television has been known to mislead the general public into thinking that the average women can never be quite as gorgeous as the women they see on T.V every day. Well the ladies of The Talk proved that those “all natural beauties” aren’t as natural as television makes it seem and without their pounds of TV make up, they look just like anyone else you might pass on the street.

“We kind of tell it like it is,” 42-year-old Julie Chen told People. “We decided the ultimate way to be real and authentic would be to go on without our fake hair, fake eyelashes, and five pounds of TV make up.”

With so many young women facing challenges with their self-esteem caused by comparisons they make between themselves and the women they see on television, it is certainly refreshing to see a group of women brave enough to brace the cameras with nothing but their bare skin.

“It’s a fun idea that not many women would feel comfortable doing,” Chen added. “Luckily, what makes our show work is that the women who sit at that table are comfortable enough in their own skin that we’ll all take that risk.”

According Aisha Tyler, 41, it was actually quite “freeing” to not have to deal with the hassle of make up for the show.

“It’s so relaxing,” Tyler said. “I don’t wear makeup in my real life, anyway.”

For 37-year-old Sara Gilbert, going on air without any makeup was a bit frightening, despite the fact that she wears the least amount of make up out of all the cast members.

“I feel two things,” Gilbert began to explain. “On one hand, I feel really excited… and then on the other hand, I’m like, ‘Oh my God! I’m so vain!’ Last night I put cortisone head-to-toe so I wouldn’t break out in any rashes… I pretend to be so natural but I’m the most vain, I guess.”

Although the ladies will not be going on air for the next episode of The Talk with no make up, they certainly did prove that they are in love with who they are and what they look like, make up or not.

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