Chris Brown and Brian McKnight Square Off via Twitter

Beef, normally associated with hard-hitting rappers in the hip-hop game, has filtered into the world of R&B. Chris Brown and Brian McKnight, two singers who have been immersed in controversy of late, have gone head-to-head using offensive word play…via Twitter. In defending himself against attacks on his foray into sexually explicit music, McKnight invoked Brown’s infamous assault of former girlfriend Rihanna, which prompted Brown to tweet back some extremely harsh comments about McKnight’s irrelevancy.

Brown saw the tweet and retaliated, “I see how this works now. When peoples careers get to the ‘nobody cares’ stage they use my name for publicity! Lol.” Brown continued to badmouth the older artist without remorse, “I can’t keep helping these old n*ggas. It’s a miracle the way I’m bringing the dead alive! I would’ve gladly wrote you something that would make u look less irrelevant!”

Brown ended his rant with a reference to McKnight’s single. He listened to the track and then tweeted his review, “THAT S— IS TRASH! If you need help just ask!”

Brown was the only artist to respond to McKnight, but not the only celebrity McKnight attacked in his defensive tirade about his song, “Let Me Show You How Your P*ssy Works.” McKnight also recorded another nasty jingle for the porn site,, as a thank you for the site blowing up the first song.

McKnight fired shots at R&B icon R.Kelly stating, “…maybe [I should] have sex with a 14 year old girl and film it that’s acceptable these days.” He even took a jab at boxer Floyd Mayweather, “Or let the court system let me make 35 million before I do my 87 days in a private cell for domestic abuse that’s acceptable these days.”

McKnight, trying to make amends, later tweeted that he meant no disrespect by his comments.

“I was merely pointing out that in today’s society anything goes and WE are all to blame [in] the end,” he tweeted.

Too late.


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