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Brian McKnight’s Nasty New Song Causes a Stir

Whether intentional or not, Brian McKnight just got a taste of the power of the Internet, with the rapid viral spread—and equally rapid condemnation—of a video featuring him singing a soulful ballad he wrote about a woman’s intimate parts.

On Monday, he debuted a song titled “If You’re Ready to Learn” on Youtube in which he sung, “Let me show you how your p*ssy works/ Since you didn’t bring it to me first/ I have lots of things to show you if you’re ready to learn/ Let me show you how your p*ssy works/ Bet you didn’t know it could squirt.”

While many folks have been laughing since they first saw the song two days ago, others didn’t find it amusing for this Grammy Award-winning R&B legend—a man of 45 with children as old as 20—to so blatantly succumb to the current trend of making songs as overtly sexual as possible. McKnight’s song has been a constantly trending topic on Twitter and sparked a great deal of media attention from such outlets as the Huffington Post and MTV.

One writer at The Urban Daily alleges a lack of attention and competition from the likes of Rihanna and Trey Songz might have prompted McKnight to write the song. “So unless you want Joe, Alfonso Hunter or Al B. Sure to jump on the bandwagon and release questionable anthems like “Pretty Brown Eye,” “I’m The Breast You Ever Had” or  “Just The Tip” go out and support these artists,” he remarked. “Show them some love before they are again forced to show their ass.”

McKnight eventually removed the clip, but not before people were able to post their own copies of the video.  McKnight defended the video on his Twitter page, saying the song was a joke. “I was just having some fun and look what happened… it’s for all those women who keep getting disappointed by their partners period it was a parody about that,” he tweeted. He went on to comment on the hypocrisy of some of his critics. “It’s funny how we listen and let our kids listen to songs about killing people and selling drugs and calling women b*tches. I wrote this song crude as it may be about satisfying all women and look what happened.”

TMZ managed to snag an interview with McKnight and he said the song was a product of being in the house with “nothing better to do” as he recovers from surgery. “I’ve been home for a month. I’ve got this boot on my foot,” he said. “I’m having fun because basically I have nothing else to do.”

He went on to say that although he was shocked by the attention his song about a woman’s private parts received, he does plan to take advantage of it by releasing the song. “It wasn’t want I wanted necessarily but I got it so, yeah, I’m going to capitalize on it,” said McKnight.


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