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Tami Roman Unleashes Tirade On Basketball Wives Reunion

Update-Basketball Wives reunion aired last night with Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada stealing the spotlight. But let’s start by recognizing that   that John Salley is no Andy Cohen! OMG – It was extremely painful to watch John host the show and the girls looking rather clueless to his prodding. As the show dragged on, the one or two instances of drama seemed terribly forced – i.e Evelyn’s over the top and embarrassing tirade over Meeka’s “custom earrings”. Not to be outdone, Tami went on a similar tirade against the target of the night: Meeka Claxton. During the brief rant, Tami managed to coin a new name Meeka Liar Claxton (MLC) while Meeka one-upped her with Tami Hoodrat Roman (THR) – makes you wonder how long they spent thinking about each other. We’re hearing Meeka won’t return for another season – more news on that later.

Catch the video clip of Evelyn’s tirade below:

Did Tami Roman or Evelyn Lozada steal the show on part one of Basketball Wives season 3 reunion? And was Meeka too soft or just being classy?

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