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‘Saying You’re Talking to One of My Friends Isn’t Gonna Get a Reaction Out of Me’: Fans Think Princess Love’s Instagram Rant Is About Estranged Husband Ray J

Princess Love had a few things to get off her chest, and people have assumed she’s shading soon-to-be ex-husband Ray J

Saying You're Talking to One of My Friends Isn't Gonna Get a Reaction Out of Me': Fans Think Princess Love's Instagram Rant Is About Estranged Husband Ray J
Ray J and Princess Love. (Photo: @rayj/Instagram)

The “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star shared a message on Instagram concerning someone she had romantic relations with hitting on her friend. 

Love wrote, “Saying you’re talking to one of my friends isn’t not gonna get a reaction out of me. I don’t care. MOVE ON. I did 3 months ago. Let it go.”

However her message didn’t stop there, Love also put up a post insinuating she’s going to “cut everybody off” due to being unsure of those who are being real friends to her.

“Now I gotta cut everybody off cuz I I don’t know what ‘friend’ he talking about,” she said. 

To no surprise, fans began speculating that Love was referring to her estranged husband and father of her two kids “One Wish” singer Ray J. 

“Ray J is trying to disrupt her peace, which proves he’s been the problem.”

“Ray never did right by Princess ever since he pushed her in that pool.”

Other fans suggested that if the post was about Ray J, his statement was false and only created to get a rise out of her. 

“Oldest manipulation trick in the book.”

“Men will say anything and everything to hurt you but when you completely move on they realize that they have to say something to crush your soul.” 

Love and Ray J’s relationship has been presented to the pubic as a roller coaster ride of deceit, infidelity and hurt. The newest season of “Love and Hip Hop: Miami” was an intricate piece that allowed fans to get a deeper understanding of how their relationship ultimately fell apart. 

During the show, fans could see Love and Ray J disagreeing about the reason they are divorcing. While Ray J claimed it was because he was “dying” and Love refused to see him in the hospital, Love blamed it on Ray J’s numerous infidelities with “strippers and prostitutes.” 

Love also revealed she joined her husband of six years in sexual trysts with other women to prove that she could be spontaneous but he was never pleased. 

Although Love did not mention Ray J in her Story, fans have inferred that he’s the person she’s talking about simply because she finally decided to move on from his toxic ways.

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