‘Oh They Mad Mad He’s Killing the Box Office’: ‘Deuce Bigalow’ Actor Rob Schneider Blasts the Oscars for Letting ‘Liar, Fraud, A—hole’ Will Smith Get Away with Slapping Chris Rock to Avoid Coming Off Racist

Comedian Rob Schneider has stepped into what some call uncharted territory after calling Will Smith a “liar,” “fraud,” and a few other choice words for slapping his fellow SNL alumnus Chris Rock.

At the 2022 Oscars, he made a joke about the Oscar winner’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, prompting “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” to jump on stage and forcibly defend his wife. The funnyman turned sharply serious as he also took aim at the Academy Awards governing body and accused them of being cowards for not having Smith arrested for the live televised assault.

Schneider, best known for his 1999 film “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo,” suggested that the Academy’s decision to refrain from pressing charges was driven by a fear of appearing racist, branding the institution as paralyzed by political correctness.

Rob Schneider calls out the Oscars and Will Smith
‘Deuce Bigalow’ actor Rob Schneider calls out the Oscars and Will Smith for slapping his friend, Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

During an appearance on the Australian radio “The Kyle & Jackie O Show” with hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson on Tuesday, June 11, the comic criticized Smith, alleging that he has “been hiding” his true identity for years.

Schneider said he was an elected official of the union when the slap happened and was in a precarious position to even speak out for his friend, Rock.

“Will smith is a tw-t. Will Smith has been hiding the fact of who he really is and it was exposed that night. He’s really an a—hole,” said the “Waterboy” actor. “It’s a deep, dark thing to do that in front of all those people and to a really great legendary comedian who’s literally the best comedian of our generation.”

“I wasn’t allowed to say anything at that time because we were part of the committee that was supposed to punish him,” he revealed.

Henderson said that when she first met the “Fresh Prince,” he was like the nicest person she ever met. Schneider then chimed in with that’s a part of the deception, interrupting and calling Smith, “He’s a liar, complete utter fraud.”

The host continued saying that she thought that he was going under some extreme emotional and psychological duress. The guest interrupted saying that everyone has been under “pressure,” but none have acted out in the same way.

“Will is a douchebag,” Schneider continued. “The thing is that’s how politically correct the Academy is. That they were so cowardly. Because if I would have done that, they would have been hauled off to prison, but because they were so worried about being racist or whatever. The point is violence is what it is. And whether the color of your skin or your religion, it doesn’t matter. If you commit a crime in front of other people, you get hauled out of there.”

Sandilands asked, “Didn’t you also sort of think, ‘Ohh he’s standing up for his missus? You didn’t like that?”

Schneider shrugged it off and said “It doesn’t matter. You can’t hit another dude.”

When the clips of the interview hit the net, many Smith fans chimed in, basically telling him to mind his business.

“He look like spoiled milk . Worry about that,” one of The Neighborhood Talk followers wrote, while another wrote, “@iamrobschneider Please stay out of black folks business. We barely know you.”

A fan barked, “I will NEVER listen to someone with the last name Schneider try to condemn a black man. Sorry not sorry.”

Some were so miffed about his comment, they wrote, “Will, slap Chris again.”

Others directed their comments to Schneider, “Go to hell Deuce Bigalow.”

This comes days after Smith fans took to social media to check Rock for making jokes about Kevin Hart’s wife and posing a question about his unapologetic behavior on that now historic night two years ago.

After noting that the “New Jack City” star made millions off of various standup performances and a Netflix special where he went into detail about how he felt about the hit, called Pinkett Smith a b—ch, and blasted Smith for his assault and apology afterward, some fans asked him about why hasn’t he said that he was sorry for his remarks.

“I don’t support violence and never hit anyone,” one person wrote. “At the same time, Will Smith is a talented actor, Chris Rock is a talented comedian (I loved him in “I Love My Wife”). Will apologized and deserves fan support. Did Chris ever apologize for attacking Jada? Words matter too.”

Smith was banned from attending the Oscars or any Oscars-related events for the next 10 years.

Many wagged in the Academy member’s face that they were going to see “Bad Boys: Ride or Die,” despite his critics pushing for the rapper-turned-actor to be canceled. This is evident by those supporters who have remained dedicated to Smith, rallying behind him and showing support with their wallets.

“Oh they mad mad he’s killing the box office,” one person teased.  

Someone else snapped, “Will Smith is #1 at the Box Office with a smash summer movie. The cawcajuns can stay MAD.”

In less than one week, “Bad Boys: Ride or Die,” is the third-highest grossing film in the four-part franchise. According to Box Office Mojo, in just five days, it has earned over $70 million, more than half of what “Bad Boys II,” the second installation of the series made in 21 years.

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