‘I’m Not Scared of You’: Video of Store Manager Barking at and Belittling Older Employee for Not Clocking Out on Time Sparks Outrage Online

Social media is torn about a video that has gone viral showing an upper-middle-aged white woman yelling at an older Black woman. The white woman is the manager of a grocery store and the Black woman is a cashier.

The argument stems from the approved work schedule that is supposed to be adhered to.

According to the manager, the cashier often stays on the clock, running up her work hours, and submits over the assigned time hours at the end of the pay cycle. The manager says she is checking the employee and telling her to leave her post because she has gotten in trouble with her higher-ups because she has so many extra hours.

Video of Store Manager Barking at and Belittling Older Black Employee for Not Clocking Out on Time Sparks Outrage Online
Screenshot from video of a confrontation between manager and employee. *(Photo: Reddit/Public Freak Out)

The Black woman never addresses the actual managerial complaint. Instead, she tells the woman to stop yelling at her and to remove her fingers from her face.

“Clock out. Clock out,” the manager says at the beginning of the video. “I haven’t cheated you on anything. You were scheduled 29 1/2 hours. Why won’t you clock in and out on your time? You got your hours.”


The manager said she had spoken to the worker about not taking her breaks, and how it made her go over the labor hours for the week by almost 6 1/2 hours.

At one point, the cashier slams her bag down on the counter and says, “You don’t know who you messing with!” and walks around the counter. “Don’t do this to me.”

This is when the manager marches up to her and says, “Get! I’m not scared of you anymore.”

“I’m not scared of you,” the cashier replies. Nose to nose, the manager says again, “Leave.”

However, she loses it as she reveals more about their relationship, “Everybody’s mad because I backed up last time. I’m not backing up anymore.”

The two women are now shouting, and people in the background of the video are saying that they sound like children, with some customers zeroing in on the manager’s leadership style, blasting her for arguing with her employee in such an aggressive way in public.

Social media also chimed in.

“The manager is wrong in this case,” one person wrote. “If there is a problem, address it out of the view of customers and fellow team members.”

“This was handled very poorly. Given what was said, it seems fairly clear that the manager is right, her handling of it was not,” one person wrote. Another agreed, saying, “Yes, incredibly unprofessional, but I wonder about the history behind this. However, in any case, not even adequate leadership skills.”

Others also mentioned the plight the manager might have been in because she keeps going on the hours.

The person went on to unpack that when a part-timer exceeds their allotted part-time hours, the employer is legally required to reconsider their status and possibly transition them to full-time employment.

Companies generally avoid this because that means they must provide additional benefits and resources, a Reddit user said, adding it appears that the management is pressuring the manager to ensure the employee clocks out promptly.

“I’m not justifying the way the manager is behaving at all. She’s incredibly rude and unprofessional,” the person said. “But I do think, based on what she says about her boss being on the phone, that they called her and lit a fire under her a** to make that employee clock out immediately.”

One comment captured the best advice in this case: “Here’s the bottom line, do the right thing and keep it peaceful in the workplace.”

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