‘She’s Trying to Yell at the Pilot’: Viral Video Shows Woman Walking on Airport Tarmac Attempting to Stop Flight from Taking Off Without Her

A video shows a woman roaming on the tarmac at an Australian airport because she was late for her flight, leaving people astonished.  

In the video, the woman could be seen attempting to stop the QantasLink Airline pilot from taking off on a flight from Canberra to Adelaide. 9 News reported that she even started to wave at the pilot in an incident an eyewitness said was “bizarre.”

“She’s trying to yell at the pilot,” Simon Hales told the outlet. “She’s trying to get his attention and jump up or something.”

Woman Walks On Tarmac, Tries To Stop Plane From Leaving
The unidentified woman was arrested after she walked onto the tarmac at Canberra Airport in Australia. (Afl360aero/X)

In a Facebook post, Hales explained that the woman was able to skirt past security before walking onto the tarmac, according to 9News.

“Luckily, the pilot was warned or spotted her and killed the engine,” he added. 

A second witness, Dennis Bilic, who captured the viral video, said everyone on the scene was perplexed by the debacle. 


“People were a bit flat-footed; they didn’t seem to know what to do. That was the weird part,” Bilic told the news station. “[We were thinking] ‘Is anyone gonna stop her?’

According to the BBC, the incident happened on Wednesday at Canberra Airport. The unidentified woman was arrested, charged, and taken into custody. She appeared in court on Friday. The Australian Federal Force is probing the incident. 

In the United States, a man was arrested last year for intruding onto the tarmac at Burbank Hollywood Airport in California. Similarly, an intoxicated woman was taken into custody for walking onto the tarmac at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in Arizona in 2021. Officials said the 53-year-old went through an emergency door. 

And in 2018, officers detained a man at Corpus Christi International Airport in Texas for the same reason. During their investigation, law enforcement found the man had legally owned guns in his vehicle. He was hit with criminal trespassing charges.

“We are taught and trained to report anything we see that looks suspicious,” a Corpus Christi airport spokesperson told the Caller-Times newspaper about the 2018 incident. “An airport tenant did just that and started a response into motion that followed all airport protocols.”

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