‘You Turn Me Into Corporate’: Defiant Walmart Employee Verbally Attacks Black Customers, Accuses Them of Shoplifting and Using ‘Drug Money’ In Viral Video

A viral video appears to show a Walmart staff member racially profiling a group of Black customers.

The video shows the group, the staffer and a manager. It’s unclear when and in what location this alleged incident happened. It was recorded and reposted on TikTok in two parts. What occurred before the recording started is not shown and only described by the subjects in the video. Atlanta Black Star reached out to Walmart for comment.

In the video, the employee named Mary, sporting a brown bomber jacket, is riled up, insinuating the people she’s speaking to are not paying customers.

Walmart Employee Caught On Camera Racially Profiling Customers
A viral TikTok video shows a Walmart employee racially profiling a group of Black customers. (TikTok/@publicfreakoutsvideo)

“You turn me into corporate,” she said while putting her hands on her hips. “Unless you’re spending money, we don’t need customers.”

“Oh, I’m not spending money because I’m Black?” a man responded.

Mary explained that she had to run people out of the store because they thought it “was a playground” — a comment the man questioned. Turning to her superior seemingly for validation, her manager backs up the customers. That’s when she started to raise her voice.

“I will not have him treating me like that. If you don’t stand up, you have superiors to answer to,” Mary scolded the manager. The man is standing next to her, recording the interaction.

“Now take care of him,” she continued before storming off.


“No, I’m the customer. You’re the worker,” the man said. “I got money, more money than you make.”

She accused the group of having “drug money,” and the man denied her claims. The woman then grabbed her phone and started recording them. The man said Mary had an attitude when she initially approached them, asking if they needed help. Seconds later, she slammed the manager again after she instructed her to walk away.

“You will answer to this,” she said.

There is a back-and-forth between Mary and the manager before she walks away again. In the second video, the man then asked the manager for a grievance form and was told to call the corporate number.

“Even if you did come in here to steal, you still don’t get treated that way,” the manager said.

“Exactly,” the man said. “I never had this happen in my life. I didn’t do nothing.”

In disbelief, another man at the scene recapped what happened to the manager in what was supposed to be a late-night shopping trip with friends.

“I’m a drug dealer now?” he said. “I ain’t never been called that, man. I can’t believe it. I just feel so disrespected.”

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