‘I Am a Man Who Stands By His Words’: Unapologetic North Dakota GOP Leader Quits After Racist Tweet Suggesting Black People Should ‘Move to Wakanda’ Resurfaces

The newly-appointed executive director of the North Dakota Republican Party is officially on the outs early into his position after it was discovered that his X account is riddled with racist and sexist tweets.

It took only 10 days after Dave Roetman was hired on to be the state’s party executive for him to resign after those social media posts were found and reported.

Dave Roetman, former executive director of North Dakota Republican Party (Photo: Facebook/Dave Roetman)

According to thorough reports by The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, Roetman made “dozens and dozens of ignorant social media posts,” including comments underneath photos of half-naked women, jokes about women making sandwiches and pies, and a suggestion that Black people should move out of the United States and migrate to Wakanda, the fictional African kingdom that was the setting for Marvel film “Black Panther.”

“I believe the best path forward for the NDGOP is for me to take a different path,” said Dave Roetman in a brief statement announcing his resignation. “I wish them all the best.”

It was also reported that in response to a woman’s post about relationship advice, he said, “Here’s a quarter, keep it between your knees.” He approved groping women, and in response to another X user’s post about whether an attractive woman in a photograph could make sandwiches, made a joke about making pies.

He also commented, “Narcissist?” in response to a story about a Black female reporter leaving a country music festival after a man called her a racial slur.

When reporter Rob Port asked Roetman about the posts, he was completely unapologetic.

“I am a man who stands by his words,” he told Rob Port.

Roetman joined X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, in April 2022 and has been an avid user since.

He was hired after the former executive director, Samantha Holly, abruptly vacated the position in September due to her conflict with some party members’ desires to exclude traditionally conservative Republicans in favor of Donald Trump loyalists.

Roetman seems to have no issue with that sect of the party—recent social posts on his X account hint at his support for the devoted Trump GOP faction.

Read the original story here.

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