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Don Lemon Is Far Too Patient with Guest Who Repeatedly Sways Conversation from Roseanne’s Racist Tweet 

Actress and comedian Roseanne Barr was the talk of the town last evening after ABC canceled her sitcom over her racist “ape” tweets. While many roundly condemned Barr’s comments she was not without her supporters.

On Tuesday’s showing of “CNN Tonight” host, Don Lemon was at his wit’s end with guest commentator Carrie Sheffield who kept on bringing up non-relevant parties such as Jay-z, Joy Behar and Hillary Clinton to prove that they too should face consequences similar to Barr’s.

“This has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton, nothing to do with who I hoped would be president, nothing about that,” stated an exasperated Lemon. “Can we talk about what’s happening now? This is about Roseanne Barr.”

Sheffield continued to bring up ABC network allowing Behar to keep her job and goes on to ask the host if he thinks that “Christianity is an illness?”

Lemon abruptly stopped her in mid-sentence and said, ” I don’t want to give disinformation to my viewers… You’re giving disinformation to the viewers. This is not about Joy Behar.” He continued, “If you can stick with what we’re talking about, Roseanne Barr, fine. If not, I’m not continuing this. It’s ridiculous.”

Just as Sheffield said “Roseanne is redeemable” and mentions how President Trump tried to slam hip-hop mogul Jay-z for his past comments about women, Lemon asked the commentator a question that left her completely silent for a few seconds.

“Do you think the president of the United States should lose his job for saying racist things or being a womanizer?”

Sheffield defended Trump’s vulgar actions and replied, “Everyone is redeemable.”

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