A Win! 93-Year-Old South Carolina Woman Surpasses $350K Goal In Fight to Keep Her Land with Help from Tyler Perry, Kyrie Irving and Other Black Celebrities 

A fundraiser that’s part of an effort to help a 93-year-old South Carolina woman keep her property and land after she reportedly was harassed by developers to sell it has exceeded its goal of $350,000.

Josephine Wright’s home in Hilton Head has been in her family for generations, dating back to just after the Civil War.

93-Year-Old Josephine Wright Draws Major Donations to Help Her Keep Her Land on Hilton Head Thanks to Support from Big-Name Black Celebs
Josephine Wright, 93, is fighting to protect her land on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina after a developer sued her in what she says is a persistent effort to force her hand and sell her property. (Photo: YouTube screenshot/WSAV3 News)

The Georgia-based Bailey Investment Group approached Wright earlier this year to try to entice her to sell it to be used for a 147-unit residential development being built on land adjacent to hers. She refused their offer. Months later, the group sued her, claiming that a satellite dish, screened-in porch and shed encroached on the group’s property, hindering construction progress.

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Wright didn’t back down, though. She filed a counterclaim against them, alleging intimidation and harassment, and has been battling the group ever since. Local news reports over this woman’s efforts to fight off the group made national headlines and drew the attention of some high-profile figures.

After Wright’s granddaughter started a fundraiser to help pay for Wright’s legal expenses, Black celebrities like Kyrie Irving, Tyler Perry and singer Fantasia answered the call and either pitched in tens of thousands of dollars or spread the word to generate more awareness.

Thanks to their efforts, the fundraiser exceeded its goal and is now up to more than $362,000 in donations.

Irving’s donation was the first to draw eyes. The Dallas Mavericks guard gave $40,000, one of the largest donations Wright’s family has received.

Actor and filmmaking giant Perry shared a news story about Wright’s battle, posting that the 93-year-old “has a village behind her.” That post made waves online and inspired other big-name celebs like Fantasia, Snoop Dogg, Gabrielle Dennis, former Food Network star Gina Neely, gospel singer Tina Campbell, and rapper Meek Mill to join the fight.

So, what’s next in this legal battle? Well, neither the Bailey Group nor Wright has dropped their suits, and Hilton Head city officials will not issue the developer any building permits until the lawsuits reach their conclusion. Construction has also mostly come to a halt. Bailey Group representatives reportedly have told city officials they plan to make a settlement offer, but the family has received no such offer just yet.

Last month, Graves posted an update on the GoFundMe page stating that a tree fell on Wright’s home. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but her home did sustain two holes in its roof as a result.

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