Video Released By Law Enforcement Reportedly Shows ‘Persons of Interest’ In Morgan State University Mass Shooting

Authorities in Baltimore, Maryland, released a video of the multiple persons of interest potentially connected to the shooting at Morgan State University. 

City police responded to reports of gunfire after 9 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 2. When cops arrived at the scene, they discovered five victims with gunshot wounds, identified as one female and four males. Four of them attended the school. 

Baltimore Police released a video of the “persons of interest” connected to the shooting at Morgan State University. (Baltimore Police)

The incident shook the community and reignited calls for national leaders to tackle the issue of gun violence across the country. It happened during the HBCU’s homecoming week following the coronation of Mister and Miss Morgan State.

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Baltimore police urged the public to help them identify the individuals seen in the 35-second video released Wednesday night. It shows four people —one with a T-shirt and the other three appearing to be wearing all Black — walking around the area. Police believe the shooting happened outside. 


During a press conference addressing the shooting, Police Commissioner Richard Worley noted the agency is looking into whether more than one gun was fired, according to local news. He also said that it is believed the shooting resulted from a dispute “between two smaller groups.”

“We know that there was more than one person with a weapon. The problem is, the ballistics has to tell us how many guns were shot,” he said, adding, “One individual was a target of two individuals who had weapons. We don’t believe that individual was hit. We believe the five victims who were struck were unintended targets.”

Many students have expressed that they are fearful in light of this week’s events. 

“A lot of people are scared and nervous, and people are going home. People don’t know how to react. They’re just trying to shelter themselves inside their rooms, scared to come outside. They don’t really know what to do,” one student told WBAL-TV.

Morgan State President David K. Wilson announced that the remaining homecoming activities are postponed or canceled. He also said the university is ramping up safety precautions on campus. 

“We unfortunately find ourselves navigating this tragic event during a time at which we should be celebrating our National Treasure during Homecoming. Please understand that the safety of our campus is of the utmost importance, and our resolve in ensuring that we have a secure campus is paramount,” Wilson said in an Oct. 4 statement. “In response to last evening’s events, we are aggressively increasing security measures on campus, further amplifying additional security measures that have been implemented in recent years.”

Anyone with information related to the incident is urged to contact law enforcement at 410-396-2444.

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