‘I’m Gonna Hunt You Down Like a Dog!’: Enraged White Motorist Ram’s Truck Into Black Man’s Car In Alleged Racist Attack

A white Australian man verbally attacked a Black man last month, threatening to find out where he lives and to “hunt” him like a dog before allegedly ramming his vehicle into the Black man’s BMW. Local authorities have charged the white man with several crimes.

The victim, who only wants to be identified as JP, says that he had “never experienced anything like that” before. He moved Down Under 20 years ago and became a citizen in 2021.

Man Charged with Reckless Conduct, Criminal Damage After Racist Road Rage Incident In Australia
An angry driver on the road. (Photo: Shutterjack/Getty Images)

According to JP, he was driving home northwest of Melbourne on Sept. 5 when Anthony Littler targeted him. He then noticed Littler’s white Mazda pickup truck following him as the man made provocative remarks toward him. As a result, he pulled out his phone to record the man’s volatile road rage and then pulled over to talk to him.

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“I’m gonna find where you live, and I’m gonna hunt you down like a dog!” Littler, 62, can be heard yelling from the truck before punctuating it with “You f–king Black f–k!”

“He come over here and they get all our f–king rewards,” he added.

In the video, a red-haired white man damages his car while driving. Two women in another car intervene, asking him to stop harassing JP, a former prison officer.

Littler ignores them, telling them to “shut the f–k up,” and “Don’t get involved, Love, I know where you live.”

In an interview with “A Current Affair,” JP said the incident was something he had never seen firsthand.

“I only ever see it on TV, in America,” he said.

“He was driving directly towards me to try and hit me,” JP said before adding he felt hurt by the altercation.

“It doesn’t take much to be nice to people, regardless of their skin color or where they are from,” he said.

“Authorities have since charged Littler with reckless conduct endangering serious injury, using abusive or indecent language, committing criminal damage, and driving in a dangerous manner.

The man has not entered a plea regarding the multiple charges he has received.

He will be scheduled to stand before Sunshine Magistrates Court to face these counts on Feb. 14. 

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