‘Sworn to Secrecy’: My Best Friend Broke the Rules at His Bachelor Party. Now I’m Stuck Between Bro Code and Lying to My Own Fiancée Who Has Been Nagging Me for Details.

My best friend and I are getting married during a dual ceremony in two weeks to my fiancée and her best friend. Our future wives grew up as “sisters” with the family of my soon-to-be Mrs. taking her best friend in when her parents died suddenly in a car crash. She didn’t have any other family here in the States so they took her in and raised her as their own. Years later, my best homie and I would meet them at a football game, and everything just clicked.

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My older brother is planning the bachelor party for me and my friend who’s like a brother to me; it’s set for this weekend at his home. My older brother is a wild one so I’m a little nervous about the festivities he has in store for us. The only rule we’ve been given by the girls is ‘no touching.’

The bachelor party started off rather mild, just a bunch of guys hanging out drinking and smoking cigars. That was until the strippers arrived. When the women entered the house, the whole vibe changed.

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Basically, we were all sworn to secrecy because several of the men in attendance are married already. Phones were confiscated and the night’s festivities continued to escalate until my best friend disappeared into a back bedroom with one of the strippers. I was in disbelief. I had followed the rule we had been given; but he was breaking it to the max.

The next day, my fiancée grilled me about what happened at the party. I was honest for the most part and gave her a detail or two, but I didn’t know what to say about my best friend’s departure from the living room to indulge in a private party with the strange woman in a back bedroom.

She must be reading the guilt on my face for leaving some key details out, because she’s been nagging me for more information for days on end.

I don’t want to betray my best friend’s trust, but I also feel I have an allegiance to my fiancée to continue with the spirit of trust, transparency and honesty that’s kept our relationship strong. Do I uphold bro code and keep my best friend’s secret to myself or disclose his dirty deed and risk ruining our relationship forever?

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