‘So It Is About That’: Tony! Toni! Tonè! Reveals the Raunchy Origin Behind Their Classic Song ‘(Lay Your Head On My) Pillow’

During a recent episode of “Way Up With Angela Yee,” the members of Tony! Toni! Tonè! sat down with Yee and co-host Jasmine Brand in which they revealed the true meaning behind one of their classic songs.

During the chat, Jasmine Brand noted to Timothy Christian Riley, D’Wayne Wiggins, and Raphael Saadiq that “(Lay Your Head On My) Pillow” was her favorite song from the R&B group. She also asked if there was a sexual connotation behind the classic hit.

Tony Toni Toné
Timothy Christian Riley (left,) D’Wayne Wiggins (center), and Raphael Saadiq (right) of Tony! Toni! Tonè! (Photo: Way Up With Angela Yee screenshot / YouTube)

“Ang says that it means something sexual,” said Brand.

“I said that it means for him to perform oral sex,” Yee chimed in. “In my head, that’s what it means.”

Brand then asked the group, “Is that true or false?”

Wiggins took the lead and spoke directly to Saadiq while recalling them writing the song.

“Remember, OK, I remember when I was talking about, when you put the lyrics ‘And just relax’ and I said, ‘Man, I don’t know about saying that.’ That’s what you were sayin’ when, um … this all came about, there’s no short way of saying this.”

Wiggins went on to say that while he was playing the guitar for the track and Saadiq was laying down the lyrics and the melody, Saadiq joked about watching Wiggins being intimate with his high school girlfriend.

Brand interjected, “See, it is!”

“Pretty much,” replied Saadiq. “If you went to the part that says, ‘You’re the girl that knows my pleasure, let me go down and find my treasure, let me see where my pearl is at …'”

“See? So it is about that,” Yee interrupted.

Fans reacted after seeing the clip, and some were not sure about what they heard Wiggins and Saadiq were saying. Others noted they always knew what the song was about.

One fan asked, “Da hell .. did he say he watched .. got to the damn point and I still missed it cuz did he say he watched?!”

“We already knew dat,” added one.

“I knewww it. I was young as hell and knew this was the ‘nasty’ song.”

“y’all a mess,” added another. “Love these interviews.”

Tony! Toni! Tonè! is currently on tour and is performing next at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City on Sept. 30. The R&B group will also have shows in Durham, North Carolina, on Oct. 1 and Boston on Oct. 5.

The trio will also perform shows in Chicago, Detroit, and Nashville before performing in Atlanta on Oct. 22. The group will then head west for several shows in Inglewood, Oakland, and San Francisco, California in November. A full schedule of their upcoming shows can be seen here.

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