Angela Yee Confirms She’s Leaving ‘The Breakfast Club’ to Host Her Own Show, List of Potential Replacements Surfaces

It’s an end of an era.

Angela Yee announced on Aug. 10 that she is officially leaving The Breakfast Club” after 12 years to launch her own daily show. “The Breakfast Club,” which began in 2010, became a staple in the hip-hop community and helped catapult the careers of its co-hosts, including Yee, Charlamagne Tha God, and DJ Envy. 

Angela Yee reveals that she’s leaving “The Breakfast Club” to launch her new show with iHeart reportedly titled “Way Up with Angela Yee.” (Photo: @angelayee/Instagram)

The 46-year-old confirmed the news during an episode of “The Breakfast Club” while addressing the cryptic tweet she shared the night before.

Yee’s tweet read, “The breakfast club as you know it is officially over.” In the clip, Charlamagne asked Yee to clarify what she meant, because following her post many assumed that the show was in jeopardy of getting canceled.

Yee said, “This is very exciting. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for years now since way before the pandemic. I had actually sat down with our big boss Thea, and I was telling her like ‘look I really want to have my own show.'”

Further into the conversation, Yee revealed that when she first pitched the idea of having her show, she thought it would be a weekend gig that would ultimately turn into a permanent position and wouldn’t conflict with her current schedule at “The Breakfast Club” and “Lip Service” podcast.

She said, “I was thinking I was able to get something like a weekend situation one day ease into having my own show again. … So I thought I would still be on here and do that show as well. But years later they approached me up here at iHeart, Thea had a sit-down with me and tell me that they are going to give me my very own show.”

Towards the end of Yee’s speech, she disclosed that although she is leaving “The Breakfast Club” for her new business venture, Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy will remain co-hosts of the show.

Yee stated, “I am going to be leaving ‘The Breakfast Club’ you guys will obviously continue on and it will be a different iteration of ‘The Breakfast Club.’ But I will have my own show at iHeart as well.”

The Breakfast Club
Gossip of the City blog shares a list of potential “The Breakfast Club” replacements after Angela Yee announces her departure from the show. Photo:@gossipofthecitytea/Instagram

In addition to the departure news, Yee shared that her new gig, which is reportedly titled “Way Up with Angela Yee,” would be a nationally syndicated daily show and will air in the fall.

Immediately following Yee’s announcement, her co-hosts not only congratulated her but also disclosed to the public that they were well aware of Yee’s news.

As Yee’s tweet and departure news circulated online, the social media blog Gossip of the City released a photo of what is purportedly an iHeart Media document listing Yee’s potential replacements and their alleged salary offers. The list featured rapper and reality star Remy Ma, Trent Simonian, NWO Sparrow, Mutha Knows, and Roxy Romeo.

Despite the list surfacing online, no additional information has been released.

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