Who Is Mya Monaé? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About ‘Preaching Lies’ Character Haven

Could you imagine falling in love with a guy whose drug-lord father instructed him to take you down? Well, how about if you found out the ruthless kingpin and your pastor father have a dark history that was somehow connected to your mother’s death? 

That’s exactly what Mya Monaé’s character, Haven, from “Preaching Lies” had to go through in this 2022 crime movie. The popular film exposes the deadly secrets of two separate families who ultimately become one after a series of tragic events.

The work from Dennis L. Reed II Productions has suspense, action, drama and memorable performances that display each character’s star power, such as Monaé’s ability to shine as an actress.

Intrigued by this upcoming star? Here is everything you need to know about Mya Monaé.

1. Who Did She Play?

Monaé portrayed Haven Reynolds, a Christian college student who doesn’t play about her grades or her faith. When she’s not busy studying, she spends her days at church listening to God’s word as taught by her father, Pastor Hosea Reynolds. 

Over the course of the film, Haven’s good-girl image becomes tainted once Asa ‘Trouble’ Thomas enters her life. After she innocently gains knowledge about her father’s drug life, it quickly changes everything she thought she knew to be true, thanks to Trouble. 

2.  Her Best Scene

Portraying a character’s emotion to the point where viewers can feel the scene comes with the role of an actor, and that’s exactly what Monaé managed to do halfway through the movie. 

After Haven was called “fat” by Trouble’s friend in her own home, she decided to break away from the group of four and escape to her room to pray over what happened.

Mya Monae' shows off her acting skills in this top-notch scene.
Mya Monaé shows off her acting skills in this scene from “Preaching Lies.” (Pictured: ‘Preaching Lies’/Destah)

While there, she had an emotional breakdown, with tears streaming. This is one of her most passionate scenes in the film; some fans would say it’s her best.

3. Her Second-Best Scene

Toward the end of the movie, Monaé’s Haven character decides to visit her father, who was sent to jail. 

Mya Monae' shows off her acting skills in this top-notch scene.
Mya Monaé shows off her acting skills in a scene from “Preaching Lies.” (Pictured: ‘Preaching Lies’/Destah)

During their intense conversation, Haven confronts her father for all the lies he’s kept from her, including that her mother didn’t really pass away from cancer. To his surprise, Haven had a secret of her own: She was pregnant.

After sharing the news with her father, she told him, “Guess you’re not the only one with secrets.”

Monaé delivered the line with a tone that was intense enough to send chills down viewers’ spines.  

4. Some of Monaé’s Other Work

A few other films Monaé is also known for are “BlackFace,” which dropped in 2021 and “Garby’s,” which was released in 2022, the same year as “Preaching Lies.” 

5. Who Is Mya Monaé Outside of Acting?

When the 25-year-old is not busy racking up acting credits, she spends her time as a media arts teacher and a cheer coach. The Grambling State University graduate previously worked for KNOE 8 News in Monroe, Louisiana, and WHNT News 19 in Huntsville, Alabama.

Monaé has over 8,500 followers and counting on Instagram, where she shares work, travel, and lifestyle content. Online is where she also shared clips of her interviews with rapper Kash Doll, JPrince CEO of Rap-a-lot Records, Yung Miami, and comedian Desi Banks.

ABS hopes you enjoyed reading about Mya Monaé; don’t forget to check her out on “Preaching Lies” on Destah! #DestahWatchlistWednesdays.

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