‘That’s Not Okay, Black or Not’: JT of City Girls Faces Backlash for Reaction to Criticism of Her New Modeling Campaign

City Girls rapper JT may have let her emotions get the best of her when she hit back at a social media user’s comment about her new Beats by Dre x Mowalola campaign. She recently shared images from the photo shoot with renowned French photographer Hugo Comte.

JT of City Girls is facing backlash for using the phrase “porch n—gas.” (Photos: @Thegirljt/Instagram)

The Miami native has on a multicolored wig that appears to have various types of electrical wires attached to it. On her neck, an electrical port akin to something out of “The Matrix” adds to the robot-like element of the creative direction.

In one shot, she has a pair of silver headphones on her head, but in the other image, which sparked a flurry of reactions, she has one of the speakers over her right eye.

The artistic look of the latter photo was lost on some fans, who commented that the look was weird. “The headphone covering your eye is kinda crazy when you think about it, ngl,” wrote one person. But when an X user wrote, “BEATS by Dre headphone covering her eye. Look,” JT felt compelled to respond.

“One thing about y’all porch n—gas y’all don’t let nobody have s—t noting is to y’all standard. You’ll never see a Hugo comte lens just like your beard will never connect,” she hit back. Her retort almost immediately stirred backlash for her near reference to the racial slur “porch m*nkey.” 

“Side eyeing tf out of the “porch n****s” comment lmao bc that’s not okay, black or not,” wrote one person. Another said, “Porch n****s is WILD . Come on now, Harriet didn’t die for this.” A third person asked, “So JT can say porch ni–a but Erica Mena cancelled? Wth is wrong with us.”

Erica Mena was recently booted from “Love & Hop Hop: Atlanta” and the drama “Hush” on the Allblk streaming service, amid outrage over her calling “LHH” cast member Ice a “blue monkey” during a heated verbal spat. Mena, who is of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent, has two half-Black children with her ex-husband Safaree.

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“WHAAT??? GIVE HER THE SAME ENERGY YALL GAVE ERICA THATS RA CIST AF,” wrote another person, who suggested JT should be canceled.

JT made it known that she is stepping outside of the box and doing big campaigns for “hood b—ches” that look like her because they deserve to be highlighted like those in the fashion industry.

“I’m getting to the bag. Something y’all n****s don’t know nothing about because y’all spend y’all last to be a baddie on Instagram and nobody gon’ approach y’all cause y’all aint’ got no range,” she said in a fiery Instagram Live amid the backlash.

JT snagged her first solo brand deal early this year with KISS Colors & Care. Promotions for the hair-care products received a much warmer reception than her Beats campaign.

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