I’m A Parent Of Two, But My Son Is My Favorite. Should I Admit To My Daughter That Her Suspicions Have Been Right All These Years?

I have two wonderful children. My daughter is 28 and my son is 31. When they were younger, my son was such a mama’s boy that I was genuinely concerned about him ever finding a woman he loved more than me. My daughter on the other hand was always independent and just didn’t pay me much mind. But the three of us were a solid team, depending on one another to make it through.

Mother with daughter
Mother with her young daughter (Credit: Pexels.)

As time has marched on and they’ve become grown adults, I notice that I have a tendency to spoil and favor my son. Bottom line, he’s my favorite. My daughter accuses me of playing favorites all the time, but I adamantly deny the fact she is always so desperately trying to prove. My son and daughter both have their own apartments, however, I tend to cook and clean for my son, whereas I figure my daughter can fend for herself and handle her own tasks.

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My son thoroughly enjoys the treatment I give him and returns the favor. Recently, I took sick, and he made it a point to come to my home and cook me chicken noodle soup from scratch. My daughter called to check on me but never actually showed up to see if I needed anything. When I balked about it, she had a couple things delivered with a shopping service to shut me up. She constantly makes comments about my son being my favorite and sometimes I want to yell it from the rafters that he is!

Last week, I completed my will and in it I decided to leave my son the house. My daughter never really liked her childhood home anyhow, so I figure she wouldn’t be too disappointed. When I sat them down on a Zoom call to talk about the will, she was devastated and left the conversation without warning. Now she’s not talking to me or her brother. Should I admit that I have shown my son more attention over the years or continue to make my daughter feel like she’s imagining things to spare her feelings?

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