‘This Your Last Yr With Steve Sista Girl’: Shirley Strawberry of ‘The Steve Harvey Morning Show’ Apologizes for Making False Statements About the Comedian and His Wife Marjorie In Leaked Phone Recording

“The Steve Harvey Morning Show” co-host Shirley Strawberry has issued an apology to the comedian after her old remarks about Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie Harvey were exposed.

The radio personality was put on blast when a recorded conversation with her estranged husband, Earnest “Earnesto” Williams, was leaked to the public.

Williams is currently incarcerated at the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta, Georgia, for the alleged possession of an indecent photo of a minor and fraud in connection with a credit repair business with which he was involved.

Shirley Strawberry of ‘The Steve Harvey Morning Show’ apologizes for making false statements about the comedian and his wife. (Photos: Steve Harvey and Shirley Strawberry @Mygirlshirley/Instagram; Shirley Strawberry and Earnest Williams @Nestobuckhead/Instagram.)

In an October 2022 call, Strawberry was heard filling him in on a visit to Steve’s home. She boasted about the luxury in-home spa that the comic’s career has afforded Marjorie.

Strawberry admitted that she took liberties to roam around the mansion, which is how she discovered the wellness spaces, because Marjorie was not home. At one point, she quipped that Steve is afraid of his wife. She also claimed that his wife “looks at us as the help, you know.”

The leaked recording comes amid ongoing rumors that the 58-year-old fashionista cheated on her husband of 16 years with a private chef and a bodyguard. Both Harvey and Marjorie have hit back, calling the claims false.

On Sept. 11, while on air, Strawberry addressed the salacious headlines and apologized. “As much as I wish I could, I can’t take it back … It was definitely not me trying to add to what you and Marjorie have going on in your lives right now,” she began.

Strawberry noted that she thought the conversations were private, and felt terrible that the tapes were released.

“I was just trying to make conversation with him,” she added. “I’m talking about you and Marjorie, and you guys are going through your own private hell. You didn’t need me to contribute to anything.”

“I wanted to say it live on the radio because your name is in it. We’ve been friends for a long time, Steve…I wanted to give you and Marjorie a public apology and ask for your forgiveness publicly. I just wanted to have a real moment with you,” she continued before tearfully expressing how grateful she is for her job amid the Harvey’s marital drama.

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Listeners are divided on whether her days on air are numbered. “Shirley you might wanna go ahead and start your podcast now,” read a comment. “Shirley. This your last yr with Steve sista girl,” read another. Another comment read, “She trying to let it be none Steve and his wife going through it.”

Strawberry has been Steve’s colleague since 2005, when the show relaunched under a new syndication arrangement. In 2015, the radio host walked her down the aisle at Strawberry’s wedding to Williams. They are currently going through a divorce.


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