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My Bridesmaid Ghosted Me Days Before My Wedding. Is She Trying to Sabotage My Big Day?

What’s a wedding without bridesmaids? Those special people you’ve selected to share that special moment with you are truly irreplaceable. But what if one of your bridesmaids serves you her walking papers just days before your big day?

A United Kingdom bride says that she was getting her makeup done by a friend who told her that the bridesmaid X, as they’ve named her, wouldn’t be attending. Can you imagine the predicament this puts the bride in from a friendship and wedding standpoint?

Woman sabotaged by bridesmaid (Photo:TheBridesRoomUK/TikTok)

A white wedding is a traditional semi-formal wedding that originated in Great Britain inspired by Queen Victoria. Before her, brides wore different colors and hues.

Watch video of the bride recalling the store here.

Leading up to the big day, the bride says a friend told her that friend X wasn’t coming because she was crying and upset. “I had genuinely hoped she was OK, ’cause I was literally speaking to her the morning of the wedding,” said the bride.

In addition, while doing a fitting later with the other bridesmaids for the white wedding, the seamstress made her aware of more news.

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“Oh, your bridesmaid said I should stop making her dress. She’s not coming to the wedding,” said the seamstress.

Looking over at another bridesmaid who wasn’t laughing made it all real to the bride. The seamstress continued by saying: “Yeah, she told me that I should stop making her dress and that she’s not coming to the wedding.”

X reportedly reached out the next day to apologize for not showing up, and the bride was upset, to say the least, which is understandable. X congratulated her, but the damage was done already.

What would you do if one of your bridesmaids completely bailed on one of the most important days of your life? Do you feel the friend should’ve put her issues aside for her friend’s wedding or kept the negativity away? Also, should the bride end the friendship?

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