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‘You About to Lose Your Job!’: Video of Maryland Cop Kissing Woman In Public Park Before Joining Her In Back of Patrol Vehicle Sparks Outrage, Jokes on Social Media

Update: The officer in the video has been identified as Francesco Marlett, and he was suspended Tuesday evening, according to Fox 5 Washington D.C.

The Prince George’s County Police Department has launched a probe into one of its own following the emergence of footage that seemingly depicts the officer making out with a woman before getting into the back seat of his patrol SUV.

The clip, which shows the officer kissing and exchanging intimacies with the woman in what looks like a playground, has gone viral. In the video, while the two are kissing, the woman affectionately touches the officer’s head. Then, she enters the rear of the vehicle with the officer’s arm around her.

Video of Maryland Cop Kissing Woman Before Joining Her In Back of Patrol Vehicle Sparks Outrage, Jokes on Social Media
Screen grab from video of Prince George’s police officer making out with woman before getting in the back of patrol vehicle. (Photo: Twitter/@shannonsharpeee)

Voices can be heard on the video, seemingly of Spanish-speaking men commenting in disbelief about what they see.

“Look! Look! He’s taking her to the car!” someone says.


Many online expressed outrage about how inappropriate the PGCP cop’s conduct appeared.

“He’s doing this at a playground full of children in broad daylight,” a comment read.

“That’s his pay for play. There is no way to reasonably make an excuse for what we see,” one X user wrote. “Treat him they way y’all treat us. In front of kids and probably in a school zone at that.”

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“This is sick abhorrent behavior from a public official and this looks to be a minor child as well! Please do not cover this up. The public is watching! This officer should be relieved of duty immediately!” one person posted on X.

Some people made light of the video.

“Will you be slapping the left or the right wrist?” one X user wrote.

“What’s to investigate??? Y’all know what it is!!! 🎵 you about to lose your job!!!” another user wrote.

Not everyone was upset, but some gave the officer the benefit of the doubt that this was a consenting relationship.

“Maybe it’s his actual girlfriend. So quick to judge. Or maybe he was helping her find something under the seat. I mean @PGPDNews is here to protect & serve,” an X user posted.

After becoming aware of the video, the department posted a statement about the incident on Tuesday, Sept. 5.

“PGPD Executive Command is aware of a video circulating on social media with one of our officers,” the message on the X platform read. “As soon as we became aware earlier today, we opened an investigation to determine the circumstances. Additional information will be released once investigated and confirmed.”

The relationship of the woman to the officer is currently unknown. Though the department has launched an investigation, neither party’s identity has been released to the public.

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