Student Throws Shoe at Teacher. Are Today’s Kids More Disrespectful Than Ever?

Teaching is one of the most underrated professions and underpaid in the world. Teachers are educating the youth which sets the foundation for the future. Teaching is a powerful job and comes with a lot of responsibility.

A viral video begins in a school setting as a student throws a shoe at the teacher. The obvious likelihood of it being a skit is revealed as the classroom appears to be small, with only a few students present. However, the level of disrespect is astonishing.

Teacher and student in the classroom. (Photo: Theo/TikTok)

The skit looks believable because kids of today’s age seem to have no fear of anything. After picking up the shoe, the teacher says:

“Are you serious? Um, who threw this shoe?”

She then opens the door to yell out: “Get the police, get the police,” and closes the door back.

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“That was totally disrespectful for you to throw a shoe while I’m trying to teach my class,” she turns around, addressing a student.

“I didn’t do it,” says the female student sitting at the desk with her leg propped up on the desk, revealing her red socks and a missing shoe.

“Leave my classroom, you’re being disrespectful, totally,” the teacher replies while standing over the student.


At one point during the back-and-forth, the teacher even puts the shoe on for the student. No matter the various attempts she makes to get the student out of the class, nothing seems to work.

Though this video is a skit, it shines a light on the times we live in today. Children seem to act out more, talk disrespectfully, and disobey elders. Survey analysis provided by EducationWeek shows that “A majority of parents said that, in general, children today don’t treat others with respect, are dishonest, don’t show gratitude, and are lazy, according to the nationally representative survey of 1,034 parents of children ages 6-18 conducted by market research company Ipsos.”

This is quite alarming, but what the results did conclude is the need for schools and parents to work together for the greater good of the students. This way, by working together, the kids will have more of a balance, as opposed to having discipline only in one place.

The greater emphasis on social-emotional learning as the No. 1 strategy to help students has been brought to the forefront. EducationWeek describes social-emotional learning as the development of skills such as resilience, emotional regulation, empathy, and collaboration.

It all comes down to the leaders of the school and community to help make a difference. With stronger leadership, the children will listen and adjust. The survey highlighted valuable points that addressed the bigger issues, as well as provided resolutions. For the children to grasp the concept of respect, they must see it being executed before them often.

What do you think of the skit? Did it depict modern-day kids correctly? How do you think the teacher handled herself in the situation? Do you think schools and parents working together will be beneficial?

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