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‘This Is Rude and Disrespectful’: Viral Video of Child Dressed In Costume with Flashing Lights Onboard Plane Draws Mixed Reactions on Social Media

A TikTok video of a little kid flying on a plane with his or her family has captured the attention of millions.

People are sharing the clip, not because the child was acting out, precocious, or incredibly cute. Social media has exploded because the parents allowed their child to wear a neon bright costume on the apparent red-eye flight, with the tot activating a blinking accessory while other passengers appear to be trying to rest in the dark.

Video of Kid in flashing costume causes stir
Video screenshot of a child in a flashing costume. (Twitter/@HotSpotHotSpot)

The clip, posted by @malecastellon on Aug. 4, starts scanning over the dimly lit plane and gradually revealing a child kneeling or standing backward in its chair with what appears to be a guardian. The child is wearing a flashing bunny hat with changing colors. The hat is actually mechanical, with its ears having the ability to move up and down together.


As the person filming the child zooms in on its face, the hat bursts out purple and yellow lights that reflect off the plane walls, illuminating his area.

Over seven million people have viewed the original clip, with thousands chiming in on the appropriateness of the kid’s antic.

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Many people declared both the parents and the child were being obnoxious with the gag.

One woman wrote on X (previously Twitter), “I would put my Karen cape on SOOOO fast!!”

“Why nobody ain’t try and unplug him,” someone said in hopes of providing a solution.

“People do stuff like this for attention, there’s no reason for that baby to be wearing this on a flight,” another comment said.

One X user posted a compilation of responses to the video.

“This is so rude and disrespectful,” one in the compilation wrote.

Others thought it was funny or questioned what’s the big deal.

“Oh this s##t just cracked me up,” a person on X wrote.

Some comments brought up that it’s just not that easy for all to look away from the “flashy lights” without causing severe trauma.

“Now people with seizure disorders have done NOTHING to deserve this,” a post read.

An airline employee commented on TikTok and explained what she would have done in that situation.

“As a flight attendant, I’d say put that away. There are people trying to rest, read, watch a movie, etc.,” she said, explaining, “There are people with disabilities, and this can be incredibly annoying and irritating for them. Leave stuff like this for home or amusement parks. Not in a tiny tin can at 30,000ft in the air. Some folks have sensitive eyes, please consider others around you.”

After causing a virtual commotion, the person who made the video commented, saying the clip was a gag for TikTok. Although the video was staged, it lends to one of many reasons why people hate traveling with kids.

One European company, Corendon Airlines, is piloting an “Only Adult” zone program on flights between Amsterdam and Curaçao, CN Traveler reports.

By offering exclusive seating for passengers aged 16 and above, the Dutch airline aims to enhance the travel experiences for both individuals with and without children, especially those with neon blinking bunny ears.

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