Meek Mill’s Online Plea Seeking ‘Help’ for His Sick Aunt Derails as Social Media Users Wonder Why He Isn’t Dipping Into His Own Pockets

Rapper Meek Mill has called on social media users to help his sick aunt, but the responses he received weren’t quite what he was expecting. 

Meek Mill asks social media users to help his 'sick aunt' who's suffering from breathing complications.
Meek Mill asks social media users to help his ‘sick aunt’ who’s suffering from breathing complications. (Pictured: @meekmill/Instagram)

On Tuesday, Aug. 29, the “Dreams and Nightmares” rapper sought out help on Instagram’s secondary app, Threads. Throughout his wordy plea, the Philly native explained that his aunt had suffered from breathing problems and was in need of treatment as soon as possible. 

“My aunt just called my crying saying she can’t breathe from complications and she not even that old… she need treatment in university of penn her name Tanika Nicholas help her please if you can!!!! Til we get her help,” he wrote. 

Meek Mill asks social media users to help his 'sick aunt' who's suffering from breathing complications.
Meek Mill asks social media users to help his ‘sick aunt’ who’s suffering from breathing complications. @meekmill/Instagram

While Meek Mill’s intention seemed to be focused on bringing awareness to Nicolas’ health issues, he never stated what her health condition is. Yet, many thread users suggested the Grammy-nominated artist pull some strings to help his aunt being that he’s a celebrity who owns thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, clothes, cars and more.

“You are a multi millionaire… if anyone can get that lady help, it’s you.” 

“F—–g ridiculous that millionaires want their fans to help financially support their families for any reason.” 

Nevertheless, there were a few supporters who expressed concern for Meek and even aided him in his next steps in this scary experience. 

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“Call up the hospital and ask for the nurse manager on duty. Tell her your aunts info her complications and complaints and ask for medical attention immediately be sent to her room you are on your way.” 

They continued, “Tell them the room she Is in as well. If they get smart tell her you will be reporting her to her chain of command for neglect . Tell her to stay calm being anxious will add to her respiratory stress (not being able to breath).”

Another person called out racial bias in the health care system.

“This is sad, because I thought this was poor people problems that just so happened to intersect with the racial biases that black peoples face in medical care,” they began. “But nope, guess it don’t matter how much money you got…also @meekmill bro if they are taking her blood and need her liver and kidney numbers, tell the staff REMOVE the black curve. (There is a racial curve they put on black people because the medical industry still believes that our systems operate differently).” 

The individual continued in a second post writing, “They will tell two people with the same numbers that one is ‘normal’ (the black person) and the other that their numbers are high and treat accordingly (white person) this is a real thing!” 


Meek Mill frequently goes viral online, as he is the butt of many internet jokes and comical memes due to his questionable online behavior. In early July, fans laughed at the 36-year-old after he shared a photo taken on the bathroom floor after what appears to be a drunken night out.

“Too much liquor smh,” he wrote over the photo which shows his fingers seemingly reaching for the toilet.

The Dream Chasers CEO quickly deleted the post from his Instagram Story, but not before it garnered cackles from individuals who reposted the image on other social media platforms. 

In response to the jokes, he tweeted “Anything I post they try to amplify it and make me me look stupid … I wasn’t created on the internet and I know they got some of y’all in a trans threw social perception… that’s why content creators win because they lead the narrative…” 

Instead of sympathizing with Meek Mill, X users took it a step further by making fun of the amount of grammatical errors in the post.

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