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‘Not You Mad Cause Lori Skipped You’: Meek Mill Denies Cryptic Post Is Aimed at Lori Harvey’s New Relationship with Damson Idris

Fans believe Meek Mill’s latest tweet is directed at model Lori Harvey after reports that she is dating “Snowfall” actor Damson Idris. The “Going Bad” rapper has previously shown interest in dating Harvey and placed her on his wish list back in a song in 2019. But he took her off in August 2021, and some believe he’s just not over it.

After Damson shared the couple’s photos on Instagram on Jan. 13, Mill posted a message on Twitter which fans assumed was about Harvey. “Y’all let that gal f#%k anybody,” he wrote with a slide emoji. The words were quoted lyrics from “Her Old Friends,” a song by Candian artist PartyNextDoor.

Meek Mill
(Photo: @meekmill / Instagram)

However, The Shade Room shared Meek’s tweet on Instagram with the caption, “Looks like #MeekMill woke up with something on his mind.” One fan in the comments said, “When you don’t get what’s on your wishlist.” Another added, “Not mad ’cause Lori skipped you?”

The 35-year-old responded to the outlet in the comments by asking if they’d missed his $7 million donation to the community. “And did y’all miss the 7m we donated to our community or y’all just wanna confuse people for money or profit lol.”

The rapper responded again on Twitter, saying, “Or the pr people just connected that together ion know I’m getting to big they don’t want me to speak lol.”

In a separate tweet, he shifted the conversation and shared news about receiving a pardon from the state of Pennsylvania and dismissing outlets who attempt to control his “narrative.”

“I just got pardoned … last week we donated 7m to our community…. I get so many good highlights it’s like fake … they have no control over my narrative I’m stronger then them in life and on the net! They want you to be quiet so I talk moreeee lol,” he tweeted.

The “Charm City Kings” star went on shading The Shade Room and denied his tweet being a diss to Harvey or Idris.

He wrote, “Damson my real friend … the shade room posted and made it as I’m coming at him and his lady tf ….. these sites ruined many friendships and families …seeing all that negativity you become that! I stay away from people that live in those comments they be secretly miserable!”

Coming to Meek’s defense, one fan replied, “This is peak internet lol. These are the lyrics to PND’s new song but of course people trying to tie this to Lori Harvey lol.”

According to ABC6 News, Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf pardoned the Philadelphia native on Thursday, Jan. 12. Meek Mill, whose legal name is Robert Rihmeek Williams, was pardoned of firearms and drug charges stemming from an arrest in 2008.

The Dream Chasers CEO Mill has become a criminal justice reform advocate since his initial conviction in 2008. He was sentenced to probation and received a two- to four-year sentence for a probation violation in 2017. He reportedly failed a drug test and recklessly drove a motorcycle. His arrest inspired the #FreeMeekMill movement after criminal justice activists spoke out on his behalf and pleaded for his return.

The “Championships” artist spent several months in jail before being released on bail in April 2018. He promptly launched the REFORM Alliance with the goal of transforming probation and parole by changing the laws, systems, and culture for those incarcerated.

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