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‘We Both Know Just Who That Money’s For’: Tyrese Takes Another Shot at His Ex-Wife Over $20K Child Support In New Song Months After Begging a Judge to Lower Amount

Tyrese Gibson is still not done airing out his grievances about his ex-wife, Samantha Lee Gibson, and their court-ordered child support agreement.

The couple was married for five years and share one child together, a daughter named Soraya. Their marriage was dissolved after drawn-out and contentious divorce proceedings in August 2022.

Tyrese slams ex-wife Samantha Lee Gibson over steep child support needs in new song. (Photo: @Tyrese/Instagram)

A month later, the “Baby Boy” actor was ordered to pay $10,000 in monthly child support. He also pays $10,690 in monthly child support for his teenage daughter, Shayla, whom he shares with his first wife, Norma Gibson.

The 44-year-old has publicly decried the ruling for his youngest daughter’s support payment. Tyrese has also accused Samantha of marrying him for fame and wealth, and allegedly disguising her motives as love.

In a new song, he lays bare some raw feelings about the money he is shelling out. On the track “Love Transaction,” he sings, “$20,000 in some child support/ We both know just who that money’s for/ We had our family ties and you went and cut me loose/ And now the baby’s wondering why we not under the same roof.”

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He further calls out Samantha for having him pay her legal fees to the tune of $399,000, leaving him “emotionally bankrupt,” and taking the wind from beneath his wings. His perpetual tears, however, have struck the wrong nerve with social media users.

“Tyrese, stop crying and continue to provide the lifestyle you introduced. BYE,” wrote one fed-up fan. A second person said, “She deserves every dime for having to deal with this.” And a third commented, “I know his new girl tired of hearing about her..lorddddd lol.”

Tyrese rebounded from the heartbreak of his second failed marriage with influencer Zellie Timothy last year. Their romance continues to go strong, as he recently purchased her a new Range Rover Defender for her 28th birthday. The big purchase drew some criticism from those who called him out for appealing his recent child support order in hopes of having the amount lowered.

But Tyrese’s new music and personal truths were also welcomed by a few users. “People going to act like it don’t make sense because it’s Tyrese.. $20,000 is insane,” said one supporter.


Another wrote, “Folks are going to hate but he’s singing his heart out and telling HIS truth. Marvin vibes too… this is music!!”

Lastly, one person wrote, “Wait till he drops that “Home Depot Don’t Really Care bout Us” banger.” Tyrese recently sued The Home Depot for $1 million after claiming he and two associates were racially profiled. 

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