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‘Brandy a Black Mama Frfr’: Fans Are In Tears at Brandy’s Reaction After Her Daughter Sy’Rai Says She Has a White Boy on Her ‘Roster’

Fans are in tears after watching Brandy react like a “Black mama” after her daughter Sy’Rai Smith pranked her with song lyrics.

On Tuesday, Aug. 22, the 21-year-old uploaded a TikTok video that showed her pranking her mother with song lyrics.

Fans are in tears at Brandy's reaction after her daughter, Sy'Rai, pranks her with song lyrics.
Fans are in tears at Brandy’s reaction after her daughter, Sy’Rai, pranks her with song lyrics. (Pictured: @syraismith/Instagram)

The young adult called Brandy on the phone and began speaking the lyrics of “Area Codes” by rising Atlanta rapper Kaliii.  

“So, I got a white boy on my roster,” Smith said while trying to hide her laughter. A confused Brandy replied, “What does that mean?”

Smith continued with the prank, “He be feeding me pasta and like lobster mama.” Brandy asked her only child once again, “What does that mean? Who feeds you pasta and lobster? Who is this person?”

“He hit me up on Tuesday like what you doing bae let me take you shopping,” Smith said, without breaking character. 

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After a few seconds of silence, Brandy told her daughter, “That’s an immediate no.” As the prank carried on, the Grammy winner continued asking Smith to explain her comments. 

“I’m reading our texts,” Smith said. “He said it’s okay I hope you have a good day, I’m gonna send you $850!”

A seemingly concerned Brandy then asked, “What kind of guy is this? Where did you meet him?” 

“Mom, he just saw me on like at school,” Smith answered. The “I Wanna Be Down” singer continued pressing her daughter on who the mystery man was. 

Brandy posed questions such as “How did he get your number” and “Why would you give him your number and you don’t even know him?”

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The “On My Own” singer couldn’t contain her laughter, placing one hand over her mouth while trying to answer her mother. 

“Well he seemed like he has money ‘cause he said Cash App or Zelle,” Smith said. Brandy’s smooth voice then heightened as she instructed her daughter, “You better not send him no CashApp or no Zelle.” 

Smith clarified by saying, “No, he said matter of fact scratch that I’ma just send you a stack like a thousand dollars ‘cause I’m fine.”

Silence soon filled the room once again before Brandy expressed that her daughter had to “like this kind of attention.” Smith quickly broke character as laughter took over her body. She then let her mom in on the prank right before the video ended. 

Their conversation found its way onto X, formerly known as Twitter, where several commenters seemed to have gotten a kick out of Brandy’s confusion. 

“I know Brandy was behind that phone squintin and scratchin her head fr.”

“Listening to Brandy in mom mode is funny asf.” 

“$1,000 when you come from millions. Lmaoo. Bran was ready to go upside her head.” 

“Crying, Brandy said she raised an independent queen not no hoochie.” 

“Brandy a Black mama frfr lololol.”

The 44-year-old shares Smith with her ex-boyfriend and record producer Big Bert. The former couple were together for quite some time, but broke things off one year after Smith was born. 

Fans have been able to watch Smith grow before their eyes and now can even watch her blossoming music career by keeping up with her on Instagram and YouTube.

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